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TABLE 2-5: STARTING CAREER ae eee Aginaror toa o1-02 Apprentice Wizard o1s07 03.04 Bali 05, BuberSuugeon 06 Bouman 07-08 Bodyguard Bone Picket Bounty Hunter Burgher Canp Follower Chareoal- Burner Corchman Enteraines Envoy Estlian Diestro Ferman Peldwarden Fiertuan Grave Robber Hedge Wiad Hunter halt islevire Kose Kuchband Warr Marine Mereenaty Mesienget Milica Miner Career Noe Nowe Better Olive Outider Peasant Pi Fighier Protagonie Ra Catcher Rosdwardea o-64 Rogue 65-66 Rancbester js Serie «6s Seaman @7 Sena nn Shieldbreaker Smuggler Soler Saute Sradent 79.80 “Thiet Bia “Thug 35-84 “Toll Keeper 85-86 “Tomb Rober 87.88 trades 89-90 “ill layer Vagabond Yale Watchman Woodman Zealot Halfling Human 89 50 5150) 5354 55.56 57-58 59.60 61-62 04 7576 778 9r92 93.94 95.96 9798 99.00) a a a ee — Banaine Your Cuaracrer TO Lirz sechancter creation proces provides you with she skeleton of ‘your ater ego, bu it up to you to put meat on those bones. The sekground dtl of your eharcter ie at ge you, 85 6 pesto. Some people ks ro develop thir characters dang play nel has perf reasnahle approach. When you sar to pay, i’naybe enough to know that your characte ira Halfing Bounty une wh has the Moor to sek his fortune. Many payers, somes prefer to workout background and petsonality before ply bogs This seton oes some aves on dolng so, a ela some sadn charts The charts can quickly generate background details ‘imply provide sme iexs appoptae ro the Olt Wor sting oF TRE. TEN QUESTIONS Ifyou need some hep feshing out your characer, ry answering these «a questions. They should alow you to focus your thoughts on yous gg alter ego Where ARE You From? This the most Fundamental question for your character, Most carcers assume thar om ae from the Empire and those that dont say otherwise. The Empire, of cours, isquitea large place and the ferent regions have diferent characters. ‘Ihe major regions ofthe ‘Bmpire areas follows: Aveland, Hochland, Middenland, Nondland, ‘Onland, Ostermark, Relkland,Stieland, llabeclnd and Whsenland “Theates known as che Wasteland, most notable forthe huge pore ‘of Marinas, vse to he part af she Empire hur wae granted independence many years ago. Also uniques the Moo, the homeland, ‘ofthe Halflings. More information on the Empire canbe found in ‘Chapter 10: The Empice. Waar ts Your Famiy Luxe? ‘Are you an only child do you have brothers and ser? Whats ‘your place in che Family? Are you the eldest and heir apprenr oF thedlsowaed wild child? Are you patent still alive? I-not bow did they die? Very few foc inthe Empire dic of “narural nuse. Plague, starvation, and violent deah are far aote conaion. Or petbaps they ‘went on a pilgtimage and never rewurned Wuat ts Your Sociat Cass? Some cases, most notably Noble, Pexsant, and Burpher, have a implied social class. thers can work with 2 variety of socal clases ‘While birth doesn necesarly disqualify you trom making something ‘of youself iis erue thar the upper class has ll the advantages. Where inthe social sear does your fully fll? Were your parents dire ‘Alarie stared in wonder atthe sene before him. The boy tad ‘watched the village toughs descend on the lone travellers They had ‘eaten and robbed many such men, using numbers and stu endgcs te beng ov ti pry, This nell fee Alico sce that right avay. There was no fear in his eyes when the tags surrourded him, He sid nothing, For nothing needed tobe ssi. ‘He simply stood his ground, sheathed sword held in both hands. ‘When the toughs attacked, be sdestepped their blows, He used the swords poral ad theft of the blade to bea the thugs senseless. Ines than a minute, all four of ther lay in the mud ‘Blood crigped from broken noses and fearful aeration. Bones fad ten broken, as lad reputations. And the traveller tad never ever ‘unseathed his blak. ‘Alaric mustered up his courage and approached the man, “Exewse me, sr,” he starred, “If you needa meal ae place 10 sleepy ‘my moter's hut is nearby. "The traveler sized the Loy up with cold grey eyes, He nosed once and sid, “Show me.” ‘The boy led the way and the man Followed, glancing about him insert of iden fos, Ali ay“ you ded eg, sir, wher did you lean to fight like that? You must be from one ofthe big cites, like Altdorf or Nun.” ‘The man sified laogh I grew up ina ile jus ike his ‘one, boy, milking cows and planting sed “Bur. but how can that be?” asked the astonished Alri. The world is dark and cruel,” id the traveler. If you are Icky, it rerapers you like tel. IF not”-—be motioned 0 the ‘leding thugs Mit breaks you “Tale my advice, boy,” be said, feaures softening just touch, ‘Bethe steel.” farmer, fisletmen or lbourers? Did they peshaps pull themselves ot the peasantry and hecome a respectable burgh fly? Is your noble family dastate and on the verge of ruin? Wuar Dw You Do Berorz You BECAME AN ADVENTURER? This isan important question. Your career provides abasic answer, but you refine this further Many carers tre rather broad and encompass variety of elated professions. You should narrow ths down and try figure our exactly what you did before you became an adventurer, The deal you've already worked. ‘out and the ails you chose during character ‘reation can help you make some decisions. Les say you were Soldier fiom Hochland, You might dee that you sed nha ofthe Hea int a8 an arguebusiet, which would support your Chou fe Stecaie Weapon (nara let Why Dip You Become AN ADVENTURER? ‘An advenuser’ life is dangerous. For one thing, adventurers teavel and char is fraught with pei inthe Empite. There's ‘eon most peasants never go further than afew miles from thevillage they were born in. Bandits, Beasumen, and Gublins all menace che roads and piraes on the rivers are no beter. So what ‘was that made you choose this life of peril’ Are you on a pesonil or politcal crusade? Are yout out to get vengeance on those who rined ‘or murdered your fanly? Are you noching more than a til seeker oF eld chaser? How Renicious ake You? “Thefalk of the Empite worship many Gods, endl are seldom foolish ‘enough to worship ane tothe exclusion of ll others, Before geting ‘onboard a ship, evn a prcst of Sigmar will offer prayer to Manan, God ofthe Seas. Those praying, or asickrlaive beseech Shallys, Goddess of Healing, Hunces offer apiece of ech ill wo Tal, Godt ‘of Nasu. That ssid, some fle are mare plows than others. Are you pericuacycliious? Ifo, i there a God you favour? A sll sword ‘nay honour Myrmidia, Goddest of Wi, above ather Gods, because buat oo mucha par of the mercenary life Initiates and Priest, of ‘couse, must make tis decision exty on, Wuo are Your Best Fruenps AND Worst ENeMiEs? “The other player characters may wall be your est fends, bur this ist necesaly the case, You may not even know each other when play brogins. So what friends do you have and where do they lve? Are you on good terms or have you had a falling ou? Similaiy, do you have any enemies Iso, how did ic happen? Tiss good information ro talk over with the Game Maser, because guo GM can weave details like the and lp give the world more zealism. Friends an help you ‘out in a pinch o tr ire your mose biter enemies. GMs looking to make an adventure more personal ca involve one of your personal Wuar arE YOUR Prizep Possessions? Do you have any tems of sentimental vale? These need not be ems of monetary vale, bur they should have special meaning for you. Is the rusty sword you wield the only thing your father ever gave you? Is the copper ting you wear a remembrance of your shin husband? Isthe aging steel you side the fist horse you ever broke? You might abo diseuse with the GM importane things fom your life dat youve alread lost and would do anything w ge back. Wuo are You Loyat To? Real loners are rare inthe Old World It is too dangerous a place to get by without alles, Are there any people or organizations that you ae loyal to? Maybe che mayor of your town saved your sister from the plague and yout do anything to help him Pethaps your matter rescued you fom life of poverty so you are not only personally loyal to him bur co your guild aswel, You might ala hea loyal servant of church, Who vo You Love/Hate? Love and hate ae the stionges of emotions. What place do they have in your life? Are you in ove with someone? Ist ‘ pasing crush, a ease of unrequited love, or ster realy a deep bond between you? On the fipde, who do you hare and why? Vengeance ir strong mocivation and often linked to hatred. You may hate individnals (sich as you enemies) oF ‘whole eases of people or creartes, IFyour wife was slain by Beastmen, for example, you might hate them aboveall other fos. Perhaps an unsctupulous lawyer caused your family ro lose irs home and now you are convinced thar all lawyers are exooks and scoundrels