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ARTH Notes - Sept 12

Paper: cite sources in text, don't use footnotes

Iconography is a study of both content and form

Right lateral painting

Matthew is murdered during Mass, but Caravaggio portrays this scene as occurring during a
Using radiography, we can see that Caravaggio intended to use more architecture, scaled
Corresponds to light in the chapel, as the left painting did, also leans forward
Caravaggio in painting

"Lost" center painting conforms to Colbert's painting, but rejected because Matthew is totally
dependent on angel in writing gospel
Sensuousness of angel
Matthew looks ignorant - bare feet
When painting is in situ (on site), altar is right beneath bare feet
Doesn't connect with viewer

New painting is more vertical

Angel listing off stuff, not touching Matthew, more celestial because it's flying
Seems that Matthew was already writing when angel tells him what to do
Immediacy - stool is off-balance as Matthew stands up
Matthew gets a halo

Conterelli Chapel -