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ARTH Notes - Sept 22

Office Hours: Mon and Wed 2:30-33:0 (make-up work)

Amor vincit omnia: love conquers all (cupid painting)

Physical love destroys all other interests in life

Episode with Ballione and court, Caravaggio was acquitted

Funeral for Virgin Painting

Largest painting at the time
Represented her with exposed feet, swollen body - unacceptable
Does not show her ascension into heaven, as the replacement portrays

St. John the Baptist

Light is heavily abstracted, doesn't behave naturally
Not a moment of divine light, but a person
Lighter paint application
Artifice: the stuff that makes something artificial
Highly idealized: on the conceptual size of natural






St. Jerome
Author of the Latin Bible (from Greek)
Ranges from specific on the left to non-anatomical chest

Supper at Am...


Increased artifice
Remade 1600 painting in 1606
Resurrected Christ visits two apostles who don't recognize him
1600: well-lit, Christ younger, more intrusive
1606: Table is less highlighted, gestures reduced, Christ is much calmer figure, more abstracted
use of light

New Assignment: Look at one of the images, research image and artist, answer questions