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Love Rej a Eom sus 4 n Over Me on-ly love make it rain Bom sus 4 is kissed by the sea.— On-ly love a Ses ike th can.make it rain @ sweat of lov - ers chma7 lay-ing in the fields, —_ Apm7 pow? o. a tip. Bsus 4 Bb BOT a a —— = ee me, _ rain on ___ On-ly, 5 Ebm sus 4/pp +5 = - ——F = 3 SSS SSS = Tove can. bringthe rain that makes you yearn to bm cus 4 On ly Bon susdypy can — bring the that falls like tears from _ on high. Reign o'er_me, rain maz Reign o'er me,—— rain. «on me, rain ‘Eby/Bb G Gbsus4/Ab @ Ghsus4/A> On the dry and dus-ty road, the nights we spent a - parta- lone. Bb Ab/Eb Gb Gbsus4/Ab «be # ine Dy T need to get back home to._-—cool,___ cool ~ Bbm/Eb rain, Ab/Eb ob Ghsus4/Ab I can't sleep and T Jay and 1 think, Gb Gbsust/Ab o> Gbsus4/Ab nh of the night is hot and black as ink, Oh,God, I need a drink Bbm/Eb Ab/Eb Ebm sus 4 Ebm sus 4/Dy DE o bby Bbsust BD copa vs