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Appendix A4: List of the Recorded Shale Gasfieldsand Shale Mine Zones

Appendix A4: List of the Recorded Shale Gasfields

and Shale Mine Zones

Plant Fuyun Guanghui SNG Plant Gezhouba Manasi SNG Plant Gujiao SNG Plant

China Natural Gas Map 5 and its associated directories record China's 167 major oil

SNG Plant Hangjinqi Huarun SNG Plant Hangjinqi Xinmeng SNG Plant Hangjinqi

sand mines and projects, including: (listed in alphabetical order)

Xinshan SNG Plant Huadian Changji SNG Plant Huainan SNG Plant Huaneng

Guodian Pingmei Nilka SNG Plant Guoxin Loujun SNG Plant Hami Guanghui SNG
Plant Hami Ziguang SNG Plant Hangjinqi Guodian SNG Plant Hangjinqi Hanhua

Yimin Hulun Buir SNG Plant Huaneng Zhuendogn SNG Plant Huating Coal Group
Aba Shale Zone Alabuge Shale Zone Anziwa Shale Zone Aocheng Shale Zone

SNG Plant Hunan Yongxing SNG Plant Ili Qinghua SNG Plant Jinping UCG Station

Bagemaode Shale Zone Baiyanggou Shale Zone Baiyanghe Shale Zone Banshi

Jiugang Zhangye SNG Plant Kailuan Zhundong SNG Plant Lijing SNG Plant Luan

Shale Zone Bawangzhuang Shale Zone Beitaizi Shale Zone Biluocuo Shale Zone

IIi SNG Plant Luneng Changji SNG Plant Mile SNG Plant Nanqiaoyin UCG Station

Bo'erqiangjixi Shale Zone Cenye 1 Changcan 1 Changchang Shale Zone

Ordos Jianfeng SNG Plant PetroChina Zhijin SNG Plant Pingding UCG Plant Runhe

Changchunling Shale Zone Changning-Weiyuan Shale Gas Block Changpo Shale

Energy SNG Plant Sanyuan Huguan SNG Plant Shandong Ezhuang UCG Station

Zone Changsheshan Shale Zone Chongxin Shale Zone Chuntinghe Shale Zone

Shandong Jiaxiang UCG Station Shandong Suncun UCG Station Shanxi Guodian

Chuxiong Shale Zone Dachengzi Shale Zone Dadonggou Shale Zone Dage Shale

SNG Plant Shendong Tianlong SNG Plant Shenhua Ningxia SNG Plant Shenhua

Zone Dagui Shale Zone Dagushan Shale Zone Dahuangshan Shale Zone Dalianhe

Ordos SNG Plant Sinopec Zhundong SNG Plant Tangshan Liuzhuang UCG Station

Shale Zone Dameigou Shale Zone Daqiangba Shale Zone Daqingshan Shale Zone

Togtoh Beikong SNG Plant Wanxiang Shanshan SNG Plant Ulanhot Guodian SNG

Denglouku Shale Zone Dishan Shale Zone Dongfeng 2 Dongguantun Shale Zone

Plant Xibu Xinshidai SNG Plant Xilinhot Boyuan SNG Plant Xin'ao Ulanqab UCG

Donghe Shale Zone Dongning Shale Zone Dongquan Shale Zone Ejin Horo Shale

Plant Xin'ao Xinneng SNG Plant Xinjiang Cangyuan SNG Plant Xinjiang Huahong

Zone Ergonghe Shale Zone Falaidianzi Shale Zone Fangshen 1 Fengshan Shale

SNG Plant Xinjiang Kelier SNG Plant Xinjiang Longyu Energy SNG Plant Xinjiang

Zone Peiling Shale Gas Block Fukang Linchang Shale Zone Fushun-Yongchuan

Tianchi Energy SNG Plant Xinwen Iii SNG Plant Xinyi SNG Plant Xukuang Xinjiang

Shale Gas Block Gaoquan Shale Zone Gonglangtou Shale Zone Gongpengzi Shale

SNG Plant Xuzhou Mazhuang UCG Station Xuzhou Xinhe UCG Station Yankuang

Zone Guanwangmiao Shale Zone Heidun Shale Zone Hejiafang Shale Zone

Xinjiang SNG Plant Yanyuan SNG Plant Yingde Gases Zhundong SNG Plant Yutai

Hongqilinchang Shale Zone Houshan Shale Zone Huajiying Shale Zone Huajiyingzi

SNG Plant Zheneng Zhundong SNG Plant Zhongmei Longhua SNG Plant Zhongtai

Shale Zone Huanglianghu Shale Zone Huashigou Shale Zone Huating Shale Zone

Chemical Zhundong SNG Plant Zhongya Huajin SNG Plant Zhungeer Beikong SNG

Hulanqiaxi Shale Zone Hunyuan Shale Zone Jiannan Shale Gas Block Huzhu Shale


Zone Jiangjiacuo Shale Zone Jiaohe Shale Zone Jingouzi Shale Zone Jintan Shale
Zone Jintang Shale Zone Jiufotang Shale Zone Kaili Shale Gas Block Junggar
Shale Zone Kuquan Shale Zone Laoheishan Shale Zone Lijiabu Shale Zone Linghe
Shale Zone Longjiagou Shale Zone Lianyuan Shale Gas Block Longkou Shale Zone
Lucaogou Shale Zone Luozigou Shale Zone Luweishan Shale Zone Luxi Shale Zone

Appendix A6: List of the Recorded LNG Plants

Mazhong Shale Zone Mazhuang Shale Zone Meihekou Shale Zone Mujianggou

China Natural Gas Map 5 and its associated directories record China's 168 major LNG

Shale Zone Mutasi Shale Zone Naimanzhangzi Shale Zone Naketa Shale Zone

Plants, including: (listed in alphabetical order)

Nanbu Shale Zone Napeng Shale Zone Nianziping Shale Zone Ningyuan Shale Zone
Niudong Shale Zone Nong'an Shale Zone Nong'an Waiwei Shale Zone Pengshui

Anding Landfill Gas Liquefaction Plant Angsu LNG Plant Antai Coal Gas to LNG Plant

Shale Gas Block Pingshan Shale Zone Pingxiang Shale Zone Qianlieqiao Shale

Artux Guanghui LNG Plant Baode CBM Liquefaction Plant Baotou Chuangmei LNG

Zone Qianjing Shale Gas Block Qidaoquanzi Shale Zone Qingshankou Shale Zone

Plant Baotou Hengtong LNG Plant Baotou Shiyi LNG Plant Baotou Xinxingsheng

Saikaisenbai Shale Zone Sangonghe Shale Zone Sanjiaohe Shale Zone Sanjiazi

LNG Plant Baotou Xinyuan LNG Plant Bawo LNG Peakshaver Bayannur PetroChina

Shale Zone Sanjingzi Shale Zone Shangxia Heyan Shale Zone Shatian Shale Zone

LNG Plant Bishan Dingjia LNG Plant Changchun Huarun LNG Plant Chengdu

Shenbei Shale Zone Shenglihe Shale Zone Shenjingzi Shale Zone Shichengshan

LNG Regasification Station Chuangui Energy LNG Plant Dalateqi Huida LNG Plant

Shale Zone Shigu Shale Zone Shiguai Shale Zone Shitanyao Shale Zone

Dalateqi Juchang LNG Plant Dalian LNG Peakshaver Datong LNG Plant Dazhu

Shuibeigou Shale Zone Shulan Shale Zone Sichakou Shale Zone Sihedang Shale

LNG Plant Dengkou Fortune LNG Plant Dengkou Hengtai LNG Plant Dengkou

Zone Taipingshan Shale Zone Tanshan Shale Zone Tanshanling Shale Zone Tantou

Yuantai LNG Plant Dingbian Zhongyuan Lvneng LNG Plant Dingtai New Energy

Shale Zone Tongbori Shale Zone Tuanshan Shale Zone Tulongshan Shale Zone

CBM Liquefaction Plant Dunhuang LNG Peakshaver Feixi LNG Peakshaver Fuyun

Tuonamu Shale Zone Wanchang Shale Zone Wanfotang Shale Zone Wucheng

Guanghui SNG Liquefaction Plant Gold Luban LNG Plant Guang'an LNG Plant

Shale Zone Wuhe Shale Zone Wujiawan Shale Zone Wujiazi Shale Zone Wujitai

Guanghui Zhongwei LNG Plant Guangyuan LNG Plant Hainan Fushan LNG Plant

Shale Zone Wulin Shale Zone Wulizhen Shale Zone Wutu Shale Zone Xiaohelong

Hami Guanghui SNG Liquefaction Plant Hami Xinjie LNG Plant Hangjinqi Wanji LNG

Shale Zone Xiaoxia Shale Zone Xiawanpu Shale Zone Xigou Shale Zone Xinglong

Plant Hangjinqi Xinsheng LNG Plant Hangzhou East LNG Peakshaver Hefei LNG

- Fushi Shale Gas Block Xuanye 1 Yanchang Pilot Zone Xinyu Shale Zone Xinzhan

Peakshaver Hegang Coal Gas to LNG Plant Hejiang Kaitian LNG Plant Henan Ancai

Shale Zone Yangdachengzi Shale Zone Yangjiao Shale Zone Yangmahe Shale Zone

LNG Plant Heze LNG Plant Hotan LNG Plant Huangmaochong LNG Peakshaver

Yangshuwan Shale Zone Yaojie Shale Zone Yaomoshan Shale Zone Yaoqu Shale

Huasheng Energy LNG Plant Huating Coal Group Coal Based Synthetic Natural Gas

Zone Yaozhuang Shale Zone Yemataohai Shale Zone Yichun Shale Zone Yong'an

Liquefaction Plant Huanggang LNG Plant Hunan Xiangtan LNG Plant Huozhou

Shale Zone Yongle Shale Zone Yongshou Shale Zone Youyang Shale Gas Block

LNG Peakshaver Jeminay Guanghui LNG Plant Jiangxi LNG Plant Jiangyin Tianli

Yudaokou Shale Zone Yuanba Shale Gas Block Yuka Shale Zone Zhanghong Shale

LNG Peakshaver Jinhui Zhaofeng Coal Gas to LNG Plant Jianwei LNG Plant

Zone Zoucheng Shale Zone Zoumawan Shale Zone

Jiaxian Tianbao LNG Plant Jincheng Huagang CBM Liquefaction Plant Jingbian Xilan
LNG Plant Jingbian Xingyuan LNG Plant Jingmen LNG Peakshaver Jixian CBM
Liquefaction Plant JZ25-1S LNG Plant Kangxianzhuang LNG Plant Karamay Xinjie
LNG Plant Kashi Guanghui LNG Plant Korla Hongtong LNG Plant Kunlun Tai'an LNG

Appendix A5: List of the Recorded Coal-to-Gas Plants

Plant Kuqa Guanghui LNG Plant Langzhong LNG Plant Lanzhou LNG Peakshaver

China Natural Gas Map 5 and its associated directories record China's 81 major coal-to-

CBM Liquefaction Plant Liulin CBM Liquefaction Plant Longmen Coal Gas to LNG

gas plant (SNG, UCG), including: (listed in alphabetical order)

Plant Luanjingtan LNG Plant Lunnan LNG Plant Luyanghu LCBM Plant Mizhi

Liangping LNG Plant Lichuan LNG Regasification Station Lingshi LNG Plant Linxian

LNG Plant Ningxia Funing LNG Plant Ningxia Hanas LNG Plant Ningxia Shenran
Anhui Jinmei Zhongneng SNG Plant Changji Shengxin SNG Plant Chenbaerhu Qi

LNG Plant Ordos Huaqing Energy LNG Plant Ordos Northern Petroleum LNG Plant

SNG Plant China Coal Ordos SNG Plant China Coal Zhundong SNG Plant China

Ordos Xingxing Energy LNG Plant Ordos Zhong'ao LNG Plant Ordos Zhongxing

Power Huocheng SNG Plant China Power Qapqal SNG Plant CNOOC Datong SNG

LNG Plant Panzhihua Coal Gas to LNG Plant Pengze LNG Terminal PetroChina

Plant CNOOC Hangjinqi SNG Plant CNOOC Zhungeer SNG Plant Dafang Huarun

Ansai LNG Plant PetroChina Jinhong LNG Regasification Station Ping'an LNG Plant

SNG Plant Datagn Fuxin SNG Plant Datagn Keqi SNG Plant Ejin Horo Huineng SNG

Puyang Lvneng Rongchuang LNG Peakshaver Puyang Zhongkehua LNG Peakshaver