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Lesson Plan Template

EDU423 C & I: Elementary Science Methods

Prepared by: Megan Stone
Lesson Title: Plant a Seed
Science Field: Life Science

Grade Level: Kindergarten

Date: April 20, 2012
Learning Objectives
Using the information that we discuss about the basics needs of a plant, students will be
able to restate and explain what the needs are. Such as air, water, and soil/food.

State Standards Addressed

K-7 Standard L.OL: Develop an understanding that plants and animals have basic
requirements for maintaining life which include the need of air, water and a source of
energy. Understand that all life forms can be classified as producers, consumers, or
decomposers as they are all part of a global food chain where food/energy is supplied by
plants which need light to produce food/energy. Develop an understanding that plants
and animals can be classified by observable traits and physical characteristics.
Understand that all living organisms are composed of cells and they exhibit cell growth
and division. Understand that all plants and animals have a definite life cycle, body parts,
and a system to perform specific life functions.
State Grade Level Content Expectations Addressed
L.OL.E.1 Life requirements- Organisms have basic needs. Animals and plants need air,
water, and food. Plants also require light. Plants and animals use food as a source of
energy and as a source of building material for growth and repair.
Teaching Methodology Used: Indirect Teaching
Description of Instruction
1. Read the story Jaspers Beanstalk by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen.
2. Talk about what plants need to survive. Ask students what they think plants need to
survive and make sure they come up with the three main things.
Sun light
3. Each student is going to plant their own seed in a plastic cup.
-At each table there will be a plastic cup for each student and their name will be on the
side. There is going to be two bowls of soil at each table along with a bowl of seeds.
Each student will need to follow direction as I show them how to plant the seed. They will
need to put some soil in their cup and then their seed in the cup and then put a little bit
more soil on top on the seed.
-Ask the students what else the seeds needs in order for it to grow. Once all the students
agree that their seeds need water they will line up at the sink and water their seed. I will
be standing there to assist them that way they do not over water their seed.
- Once all the seeds have been watered I will ask them what the last thing is that the seed
needs to grow. Once they all agree that the seed needs sun light we will find a place by
the window where the seeds can get lots of sun light. Every day during science time the

students will need to check on their seed and give it some water.
4. Bring all the students together on the carpet and ask each individual student how many
days they think it will take for their seed to grow through the soil (until we can see the
plant start to grow). Mark on the poster board their prediction, next to their name. There
will also be a place on the poster board for the actual number of days that it took. When
the students plants do start to grow they can record it on the poster board.
5. Lastly talk about what our seeds are going to need in order to survive. Have the
students all answer until the three main things are covered.
Sun light
Facts- Plants need soil, water, and sun light to grow.
Concepts- planting the seed.
Checking up:
While planting their seed I will ask them what they think the seeds needs after each step.
So after they put the seed in the soil I will ask them what the seeds needs and hopefully
they will agree that it needs water. After watering the seed the students will need to
agree that now the seed needs sun light.
Post assessment:
Students will discuss what their seeds needs in order to grow, this will be done at the
carpet. I will ask them what the main three things are that the seeds needs or it will not
Sun light.
Resources Required
Lima Bean Seeds
Buckets for Soil
Poster board
Masking Tape
Book Jaspers Beanstalk by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen