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Project Name

Start Date
Project Manager

SEPA compliant Electronic Project Initiator

Database Alignment
End Date
Corina Enache
Project Owner

Bank X

Alpha Software

Project Objectives
Project Non-Objectives
implement a portlet that handles SEPA compliant
Implement the SEPA Cards Framework
bank transfers denominated in Euro for Credit
transfers: SEPA Credit Transfer and Direct debits:
SEPA Direct Debit; integrate the portlet inside the
Bank existing core bank intranet application;
testing and training at the bank quarter; support,
such as bug fixing or small changes for a period of
max. three months after the production has started;
development of the portlet user interface by
following the customer's design requirements
Business Objectives
To ensure a margin rate of at least 25%; Increase in the intelectual capital of the Alpha Team
Project Phases
Project Management and Planning; Project Analysis; Create Application Architecture;
Application Implementation; User Acceptance Test; Training of Bank's Employees
Estimated Budget

322 000 EUR


410 000 EUR

Roles in the Project Team

1x PM
1x Technical Team Leader

The Project Manager

1x IT Architect
2x Tester
1x Functional Analyst 4 x Application Developer
1x Technical Analyst
1x IT Consultant
Exchange rate to vary with max. +/- 5%; the inflation
should vary with maximum +/- 1%; no major scope
change in order to deliver the project within the
estimated time; the employees are ready to give
information about transactions and support for the
Functional Analyst;

The Project Owner

Bank X
The Customers of Bank X
The Employees of Bank X
European Union SEPA Council Compliance
Policy; Internal security rules; integration
within the existing intranet application.

Project Manager Signature: Corina Enache

Project Owner Signature: Alpha Software

Project Management Course

European Union
SEPA Council