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Cora Wright

12/01/ 2014
CD 149
What I Learned about Creative Arts for the Young Child
I learned creative arts for the young child include four elements: music, art, movement,
and dramatic play. Each of elements supports, children imaginative thinking and self
expression and also enhance their progress in other domains. For example, children can count
the number of beats to a musical instrument, experiment with mixing colors to make new
ones, create a story, or act a story out, which is important to helping a child grow and learn
using their social, cognitive, and creativity.
I also learned that creative arts engage childrens senses and interest. It invites children
to listen, observe, move, solve problem, and imagine using different modes of self
expression. Also active involvement in creative arts stimulates the brain. Creative art can
incorporate the diversity of children through, dance, art, and other creative expression. For
example, music can be fun for children to learn in English or another language. Children can
listen and sing to different kinds of music by moving, or talking about how it makes them feel.
I learned Art allows children to share ideas, feelings, and knowledge in a visual form. Art
can be done individually or as a group, children will use different materials to demonstrate
techniques and create products such as painting, drawing, sculptures, and collages. Art also
help a child develop appreciation for other things. For example, a child can use cans or old
container and make art out of them.

Movement including dancing to music and moving in various ways help a child learn
what their body can do or to express an idea or feeling. For example, children can focus on a
specific feeling and create movement to express that feeling. Movement also helps children
with spatial awareness, fitness and the overall physical development domain.
Dramatic play as we know involves make believe. For example children take on the role
of someone they want to be or transform a chair and wheel into a vehicle. I learned this
creative art offers a range of opportunities for children to expand their cognitive, language and
social skills. Teachers need to be supportive and just as creative to combine and offer new
challenges to the childs environment, and interactions.
In addition, I learned to understand and recognize the creative process in myself and in children;
I can encourage learning through creative arts, by introducing children to a varied examples of
art forms. All children are different. You will see difference in children of the same age.
Observe and respond to children in ways that communicate and acceptance for creative