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Mark Mikamoto

LBS 400
Philosophy of Education
Educating children is important because it helps them develop their uniqueness and
helps them prepare for the future. I think that educating children would benefit them because
it helps them develop the skills they need when they become adults. As,John Dewey and Jean
Piaget says, "New learning needs to initially relate to students lives and experiences," it is
important for students to learn something that can be applied outside of the class. In order for
the students to become successful, it is important that they learn in an appropriate
environment, commitment to social justice, have a clear curriculum, and having effective
teachers who can help students develop their thinking skills.
In order for the students to learn comfortably, the classroom has to be an
environment where students don't feel anxious when they are learning. If students are not
relaxed when they are learning, they have difficult time learning because they are not fully
focused. Abraham Maslow mentioned "A positive and supportive climate for learning must
be established and maintained in the classroom." This statement explains that the classroom
needs to be a place where students are able to learn successfully. Teachers need to be
involved and provide means so that students can feel comfortable when students are learning.
Proper classroom setting is an important element that can affect how students learn.
Even though the teacher provides an environment where the students can learn

comfortably, commitment to social justice has to be taken care of. The teacher needs to be
able to give instruction so that every student including the ones with disabilities and English
Learners are able to understand the directions. Researchers, Barak Rosenshine and B.F.
Skinner, mentioned that "Learning tasks need to be broken down into manageable steps in
order to adjust the level of difficulty for the learner." By adjusting the way to explain the
direction to the students, it makes sure that every students are able to learn equally.
In order to make sure that students understand what is being taught, it is important to
have a clear curriculum in order for the students to fully understand what they are learning. In
order to achieve this, assigning classwork and homework that involve what they are learning
will help them get enough practice and help them understand the concept of what they are
learning. Researchers, Vygotsky and Richard Mayer, mention "Guided practices precedes
independent practice in order to ensure success for the learner," which states that by assigning
practice work to students, it helps them understand what they are suppose to learn rather than
teaching them once and moving on. Going over what students learned can help students get
enough practice and ensure that they understand the concept.
Finally, in order for the students to be able to achieve learning, the teacher needs to
guide the students so they can figure out the answer on their own. Researcher, Jerome Bruner
mentions that "Inductive [indirect] instruction is often preferable to deductive [direct]
instruction because the content becomes more meaningful if the learner is guided to discover
rules, definitions, and attributes." Anyone can give students the answer and tell them to

memorize it, but that only shows that students are able to memorize and they are not learning.
It is important for the teachers to help the students when necessary and guide them so that it
helps students develop their thinking skills.
Educating children is a process that can affect their future. In order for children to
become successful, I think providing everything that will help them learn effectively is
important. It is important for the teachers to be able to guide the students to develop their
thinking skills so that they can still apply those skills both within school and outside of