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The Culture of Geology


Field of Geology

Speech goal:

For my speech I would like to teach my classmates more

about the field of Geology, why I enjoy it, and its
involvement in my family


Geology has always been a great interest of mine. Ever since

my family and I ventured out to Wyoming, Montana, and many
more rocky mountain states, the outdoors have intrigued me.
There are many interesting details to learn about the field of
Geology including its history, purpose in todays society, its
many forms, and finally the typical life of a modern day



Attention Getter:


The study of geology is fascinating and extremely

important to todays society. Geology is the study of
the Earth, its history, and the rocks that make it up. It
helps us better understand the planet we live on as well
as what it was like before humans even existed.

Credibility Statement:
Geology is a fascinating topic in my mind. It
allows us to dig deep into the earths history
and discover secrets locked away in the
ground for millions of years. It helps society
today gather resources needed to survive and
thrive. And most importantly geology has
created a magnificent world for everyone to
enjoy life in..


Body of Speech
There is a great history to the field of Geology
itself. Over the course of hundreds of years, many
men and women have contributed substantially to
the science and have lead us to what we know


James Hutton. Many Geologists consider

Hutton the Father of Geology today. Through a great
deal of studying, he was able to theorize that the
Earth is always going through different changes. The
transformation that the planet goes through is due to


Abraham Gottlob Werner (1749-1817) was one of the

geologists who set out the theory of stratification, which
attempted to describe how the layers of rock in the earth
were formed. His theory, stated that earth had an allencompassing ocean, which over thousands of years built up
the layers of rock we see today.



Now that we have some background on what a Geologist is let us

take a look at what the day in the life of one is like.

Usually a worker would spend 5-15 hours of the day outside

working in the field. While outside a Geologist will spend his or
her time reviewing the land and taking samples of the earth to be
able to report information about the land to their employers


Unfortunately pay for an average field Geologist about $41,000,

but only about 10% of Geologists leave their job, which means it
truly is a very rewarding job.

Pressure and time is written in the structure, elements and evolution of

Earth. From a scientific point of view, Geology is about understanding
how our earth formed and evolved. From a commercial point of view, it
is about understanding that evolution and finding valuable resources that
we need in our lives.

Finding those resources is what my grandfather used to do

an exploratory driller and the stories my dad told me
about drilling are what got me interested in the field of

My grandpa began working on a drilling rig at the age of 15
as a rig hand. By the age of 20 he had his own rig and was
exploring for oil, uranium and coal.

I would specifically like to describe the job that I wish to pursue,

Petroleum Geology.


Petroleum Geologists want to discover the source of the oil


Products such as Propane, wax, Lubricants, Heating oil, and

Plastics all require some petroleum. In todays society it is
a very important product and those who have the task of
retrieving it are paid a great amount of money to do so.

Transition: This is the life that I will pursue in college and while it is a stressful
profession I believe it is one that I will enjoy a great deal.

While geology has tremendous has tremendous scientific and

commercial value, it is also very important to think of the amazing
beauty that can arise from the different geological processes going
on throughout the Earth.


III. Conclusion:

One of North Americas most iconic and when known

National Parks is Yellowstone National Park in
northern Wyoming. Over the summer I had the
pleasure of visiting and see some of the worlds most
spectacular geological formations. One of
Yellowstones biggest attractions are the hydrothermal
geysers that spew boiling hot water
Another amazing geologic feature is Devils Tower in
Wyoming. It is a tower of igneous rock rising 1,267 feet
above the nearby Belle Fourche River. It's sides are nearly
vertical, with regular vertical furrows that appear to be dug
into its side. The native Lakota tribe had a story on how it
was formed. One day two girls were playing and were
being chased by a big bear. The girls jump onto a rock but
the rock was not high enough. So, the Great Spirit feels
sorry for the girls and raises the rock to a great height. The
furrows on the side were made by the giant bear clawing at
it trying to get to the girls. An intrusion of hot magma was
pushed towards the surface but never broke open to form a
volcano. It eventually cooled and compressed to form an
igneous rock 'plug'.
Geology is a fascinating topic in my mind. It allows
us to dig deep into the earths history and discover secrets
locked away in the ground for millions of years. It helps
society today gather resources needed to survive and thrive.
And most importantly geology has created a magnificent
world for everyone to enjoy life in.

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