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Need to work through the menu by completing one assignment at a

time. Once you have completed the assignment, turn it in to Ms.
Skidmore for approval and continue working. Use your time
wisely in class and ask questions when you do not understand!

Units four and five

*Reading comprehension, *poetry, *vocabulary
and *writing
DUE DATE: Friday, December 12th
*Reading comprehension Must read 3 stories from the
Literature/Reading book and complete 3 different graphic
*Poetry Must read 1 poem that is over 15 lines and then create
your own poem using at least 2 forms of figurative language.
*Writing complete a persuasive essay with rough draft proofread
by Ms. Skidmore

STORIES: Need to read the story and give a summary of the plot that includes
the following: main characters, setting, conflict (inner or outer) and some
type of theme or lesson from the story. In addition to your summary, you need
to complete a graphic organizer (different one for every story) and fill it out
based on the contents in the story.

POEM FROM BOOK: must be at least 15 lines. Read the poem then give page
summary of the poem including any figurative language that you found in the
poem. Use the example below as reference:
Example: On line 24, Emily Dickinson uses a metaphor which is a comparison
of two things. Line 24 says, Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in
the soul. Dickinson is comparing hope to something that flies and she is
saying that hope can CARRY you places or be something that you can take with
POEM YOU CREATE: For the poem you create, you must have a minimum of 16
lines and you cannot use FREE VERSE. Your poem has to have a consistent
rhythm (ABAB or AABB). Also, you need to use at least 2 forms of figurative
language in your poem and HIGHLIGHT those forms of figurative language.
Your poem can be topic of choice.
Ideas for figurative language: simile, metaphor, alliteration, personification,
hyperbole, allusion, idiom, repition.

*WRITING for Units four and five

For your writing assignment, you must complete a rough draft and final draft
of a persuasive essay. To write a persuasive essay, you need to convince the
readers to agree with the writers opinion. You can choose the topic for your
persuasive essay, but you must take a stand and PERSUADE your reader to
believe what you are saying. All topics must be approved by Ms. Skidmore and
to receive full credit, you rough draft needs to be proofread by Ms. Skidmore
before turning in your final copy. The essay needs to be a minimum of 2 pages
hand written (front and back) or 3 pages typed double spaced. Must use MLA

British Literature Honors and Themes in Literature HONORS have to complete
#1 and #2 for vocabulary. Middle School students only need to complete #2.
#1. Show a passing score (70% or above) on the online ACT vocabulary prep
You can email me your score at lcamskidmore@gmail.com
#2. Choose 5 vocabulary words that you are not familiar with and give the
Part of speech
Sentence from the book
Definition from dictionary or book
Personal example using word in a sentence

PRUDENCE (page 211 - 212)
Sentence from the book: Dignity and prudence are the things that people
Part of speech: noun
Dictionary definition: careful good judgment that allows someone to avoid
danger or risk.
Personal example: I always use prudence when driving my softball players to
practice since I know that I am carrying precious cargo.