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Classroom Management:

Behavioral Expectations/Rules:

Respect all peers and staff in and outside of the classroom

Participate in the classroom community in anyway comfortable

Listen to the teacher(s) as well as each other

**I expect students to behave in a respectful manner in the classroom with positive tones to their
communication and body language**

Hierarchy/consequences for rule infractions:

I will use a clip chart that has a consequences hierarchy from Great Behavior all the way to Can Do
Better. If students have to move their clip through the day, they will still have 1 chance to improve their
behavior in order to move their clip backwards. This chart will be listed as:

Great Behavior

Good Behavior (Given Warning)

Not so Good Behavior (Silent Lunch)

Can Do Better (Detention& Call Home)


Intrinsic/Extrinsic Reinforcements

To motivate my students, I will have award certificates for completion of full participation in a unit.
These awards will be a reflection of their hard work given in each unit taught. Giving the certificates will
give them a visual of how well they are doing and will be motivation to work hard in the next unit.
I will also have a class treasure box that students can pick out of when they get 2 certificates OR
if another teacher or staff member reports that the student displayed a helping hand or kind act outside
of my classroom. This will encourage them to work hard and to also display kind acts to authority.
Lastly, a motivational strategy I would use is to have a movie of the month. This movie of the
month will display some sort of positive message that students can look to act on. I will show movies
that inspire them to learn and inspire them to be respectful to one another. Students like to portray
different things they see in movies so showing movies that have positive influences will ultimately
encourage them to portray those same messages.


Non-Instructional Routines and Procedures

Beginning of class


Ending of class


I will go down the roll in order so everyone will have a chance to help.

Routine tasks such as (pencil sharpening, bathroom, etc)



Same as #3; I will go in order as they are seated.

Assigning student helpers (if applicable)



Desks will be in a U shape so I will call students in that order to receive their

Collecting materials and assignments



I will check all students agendas to make sure they wrote their homework (that
morning) and call them one by one to get their book bags (depending on

Distributing materials


Students will be expected to take their homework out of their book bags, hang
them up, and be seated at their desk for morning work.

Students should raise their hand for the bathroom. If they need their pencil
sharpened they are allowed to get up and do it without asking me.

Communication and Collaboration

Family Communication

I will contact parents by sending home a newsletter every month covering activities and lessons that will
be taught. This will prepare parents for any supplies or items they may need to provide for their child. If
they cannot provide supplies, I plan to open up the option of their request of gaining supplies through
the school.
I will also send monthly e-mails or make phone calls to parents to let them know how their child is doing
in my class. If need be, I will send e-mails or make phone calls weekly depending on the students
behavior or needs.
These contact methods will give the parent(s)/guardian(s) an idea of what their childs performance is in
my class and what they could possibly work on at home to improve whatever they may be lacking.


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to my class! I am so pleased to have your child as a part of my classroom community! This year
will be full of fun learning as well as independent exploration. I believe it is the child who should discover
their own learning, therefore this year will be about finding their own learning and carrying that learning
from inside of the classroom to out in the community.

I am originally from Rock Hill, SC and reside here in Greenwood, SC. I was born into a family of hard work
and values therefore I carry those concepts into my classroom. My expectations for my students will be
along the same lines of them. I expect my students not only to take ownership of their classwork but to
also exercise their strengths in the classroom community to help peers.

I will be guiding them along the way of their learning as much as I can, but I do expect them to explore
their own avenue of how they take in the lessons that will be taught throughout the year. There will be a
lot of hands on, visual, and auditory activities addressed throughout the year. I expect students to use
which ever method of learning that they are comfortable with so they can not only receive the
information, but also be able to understand it and use it for later education and/or outside of the school.

I am very big on communication therefore be expecting to hear form me every two weeks or every 9
weeks through email or phone call to discuss your childs progress. If need be I will contact you sooner.
Your child will receive monthly newsletters that have content we are covering as well as needed
materials for upcoming activities or events. Feel free to contact me when necessary in any way that fits
you best!

Once again welcome to my classroom community, I am excited to make this a great school year for your

Ms. Reeder

Monthly Newsletter Example:

This Months Content Areas will Cover:

Materials Needed:

Math Less Than/Greater Than/Equal To


ELA Narrative Writing


Social Studies South Carolina Geography

Favorite song or Poem

Science Parts Of a Plant

Site Words of the Month

Activities/Field Trips



Aquarium 09/2


Fall Festival 10/2 OPEN HOUSE 11/15




Chic-fil-a Night 11/10

Communication/Collaboration with Colleagues

I will communicate with colleagues as necessary with consistent meetings and/or emails. Some of my
students will be in inclusion classes therefore I would need to communicate with the regular education
teachers to keep an update on my students. I will do this weekly to keep track of the improvement of
the students and also meet with the regular education teacher to make suggestions or accommodations
in order for those students to work better if need be. To keep track of student academic achievement
and/or behavior, I will have a chart for each child that will divide necessary areas as follows:







Mr. Terris



Extra resource time

and/or practice with