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Professional Self-Assessment Form

Teacher Candidates Name: Colavito McKie

Mentor Teachers Name:

Yvette Collins-Haili

Date: October 29, 2014

School: W. S. Sandel Elementary School

Grade Level (s)/Subject Area(s) Fifth Grade (English/ Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and
Social Studies)
Instructions to the teacher candidate: Please reflect on your professional performance, and
respond to each of the following prompts.

In terms of the ADEPT Performance Standards, what are your professional strengths?
How have you built on these strengths so far, and how do you plan to do so in the future?

In terms of ADEPT Performance Standards, I would identify the following as professional

strengths: the ability to design quality lessons pertaining to long range planning; the ability to
develop short range lesson plans and lessons focused around a specific unit of study, while
incorporating other disciplines; planning assessments; establishing and maintaining high
expectations for learners; the ability to vary instruction tailored to meeting the needs of all
learners; use of data and formal and informal assessments to monitor academic progress; the
ability to provide and promote a healthy environment that is conducive to the needs of my
students; the ability to manage an effective classroom that is free of constant disruptions and
negativity; and the ability to remain professional throughout the entire day. In terms of building
on the strengths mentioned, I have continued to seek and engage in professional development,
foster a healthy means of communication with school personnel, parents, and students, and
identified areas of weakness, in which I have worked to improve all indicated areas. In the future, I
plan to continue with engaging in texts and professional development sessions that promote best
practices in education.

In terms of the ADEPT Performance Standards, what are your professional challenges?
How do you plan to meet these challenges?

In terms of ADEPT Performance Standards, one of my identifiable professional challenges

includes obtaining additional resources for students identified as English as a Second Language
learner. I also believe that due to the limited time allotted for instruction, RTI, and related arts,
ESOL students dont receive adequate instruction suited to meet their needs. In planning to meet
the challenges faced due to limited time for small group instruction.

Describe your students overall progress and achievement. What insights have you
gained into ways to improve student progress and achievement?

I have seen a tremendous amount of improvement amongst students throughout this semester.
Students have been worked diligently in all areas relative to improving their academic and
character skills. It is clearly evident that students continue to demonstrate constant growth in the
areas of English/ Language Arts, mathematics, science, and social studies, through the use of
formal and informal assessments. A few of the insights gained as far as improving student
progress and achievement include the ability to monitor and adjust lessons, with a positive
emphasis on chunking information for students who learn a bit slower than others. Another

insight I gained as related to providing the best instruction possible included the ability to be bit
more flexible in meeting the needs of all learners, to include students of other ethnic


How will you use the knowledge you have gained through this professional selfassessment to promote your continuous professional growth and collaboration?

In applying the knowledge gained throughout this professional self-assessment, I can promote
continuous professional growth and collaboration by continuing to attend professional
development trainings offered inside and outside the district, by sustaining a positive partnership
with parents/ families, and by meeting students, based on where the individual needs are.