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Name__Caitlyn Ashby__________________

Class Section__3111-001___________

EdTPA Lesson Plan Template

Grade & Subject:
Kindergarten; science/language arts

Central Focus: Students will identify the days weather and file
a report on it including: the date, the day, whats happening
outside (i.e. rain, clouds, sun, wind) , what our friend should be
wearing, and what season it is.

Essential Standard/Common Core Objective:

K.E.1.2. Summarize daily weather conditions
noting changes that occur from day to day and
throughout the year.
Date submitted:12/3/2014
Date taught: everyday
K.E.1.3. Compare weather patterns that occur
from season to season.
L.K.5.c. Identify real life connections between
words and their use.
Daily Lesson Objective: Students will be able to identify the current weather and post the daily forecast using weather
words and showing awareness of the weather patterns from season to season with visual representation of dressing our
friend to fit the weather.
21st Century Skills: Students will use smart
Academic Language Demand (Language Function and
notebook technologies on an interactive board in Vocabulary):
order to display understanding of weather concepts
and seasonal differences.
Sunny/partly cloudy/ cloudy/ rainy/ thunderstorms/ snow
Students with help from an adult will use twitter and Precipitation: rain, sleet. Hail, or snow
Facebook to post the forecast for the day. On twitter Meteorologist: person who predicts weather
it would be a simple tweet of a picture from that
Forecast: a description of the weather and weather patterns.
weeks meteorologist and a video on Facebook.
Almanac: book where weather is recorded
Prior Knowledge: Students will use prior knowledge of their observational skills of the weather and things they
wear during certain types of weather.


Description of Activities and Setting

1. Focus and Review

Start: Play Good morning song on tape in the cd player. Students know this
as a cue to stop morning work, clean up, and come to the carpet. When song is
finished ask students to sit and face the board. For the first week of school
teacher will demonstrate and lead all activities, after that a student will be
assigned the job meteorologist
Next: will the meteorologist for the week come forward and give us a
review of yesterdays forecast? Student will come forward and read from
yesterdays forecast, which will still be posted on the wall.

2. Statement of Objective
for Student

Good morning students, lets analyze todays forecast by looking for changes
in the weather.

3. Teacher Input

For the first weeks of school the guided practice section will be done by
the teacher as an example for the children to show them basic concepts of
how transitions work and how they are expected to behave.
After teachers will prompt and cue the class to help with the guided

4. Guided Practice

Revised 1/8/14

First we will look at our calendar and find the date.

Cue words are yesterday was___________ so today is______
This month is ____________. The year is ________ and the date


5. Independent Practice

6. Assessment Methods of
all objectives/skills:

is ________________
Change the Velcro signs accordingly
Next say it as a class, today is (day of the week)(month)(date)
Next let us observe the weather. Meteorologist will you please
look outside and tell us what you see? Student will then go to the
window and tell if he sees sun, clouds etc.
He will then come back and change the weather Velcro
then take a picture and tweet it of the meteorologist next to the forcast
on the wall for twitter.
Next take a video of the meteorologist leading the class in saying
today is__________, the weather is ___________ this will then be
posted on Facebook.

Everyone will then return to their desks and pull out their weather
journal and record the days weather in it. (students will draw a picture of
the weather and copy the sentence today is ______________.)
Formative assessment will come from the students interactions and participation.
Also from watching them when it is their turn to be the meteorologist.
Summative assessment will come from looking at the weather journal and looking to
see if they have a full record of the weather each day.

7. Closure

Today we observed and recorded that the weather is___(type of weather)__

8. Assessment Results of
all objectives/skills:

Full mastery includes all illustrations presented in weather journal are related to the weather
chosen from that day and proof that student attempted to copy the sentence. Partial mastery
shows illustrations but no text. Anything less is below mastery.

Targeted Students Modifications/Accommodations

ELL: students will be given a work sheet with the
weather vocabulary on it and a picture describing
the word.
ADHD student: will sit next to the teacher to be
monitored. Call on frequently to keep engaged.
Struggling readers and ELL: will be given a
worksheet type page to put in almanac so that they
will focus only on writing the weather words in the
blanks. Or even cutting out and gluing pictures and
words in the blanks.

Student/Small Group Modifications/Accommodations

Gifted students: will move up on blooms taxonomy to
analyzing and will predict what tomorrows weather might
Pre-alphabetic students: Will be given a work sheet to glue
into their weather journal to fill out.
ELL: if resources are available weather report for
Facebook may be done in native language. If a parent can
volunteer or a translator to make sure that it is done

Smart notebook our friend/ Interactive board/ morning felt calendar/ journals/ weather journal work sheet
Reflection on lesson:
(See rubric for reflection prompts)

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Revised 1/8/14

Materials used visuals:

image from mathwire.com

Revised 1/8/14