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Hierarchic: 4 Main Ideas

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Is about

Student Teams Achievement Divisions (STAD): It is a strategy that uses student teams in order to practice skills that have been previously
modeled and taught this strategy goes from whole-group instruction to team study.
Main idea


Have a clear learning object in

mind that goes with a unit lesson or
a specific state standard.
Four step process: whole group
instruction, organizing groups,
planning for team study, calculating
base scores and improvement
points (clear grading system for
Whole group instruction: During
the presentation and modeling
assure to present high quality
examples and show interaction.
Groups should be organized
before the lesson in size of 4 to 5
students of all achievement levels.
Team study must be aligned with
objectives and must have necessary
tools and resources.

Main idea

Main idea



develop the students'
understanding and knowledge
and provide practice time and
2nd- Transition to Teams:
provide experience working in
diverse teams, smooth
transition from whole group
towards group work.
3rd- Team study: Student
teams practice their academic
skills, promote the
development of social skills as
well; productive groups can be
used as models for the class
and the discussion direction.

Assess content through the

traditional matter: quizzes.
Point system awards each
group points for past
performance in assessments
Group process may be
assess through evaluation of
development and group
discussions' content usage
and social interaction.
a) Are all the students in a
group collaborating?
b) Are they solving the
problem or discussing
c) Have they provided
evidence or showed their

Main idea


The point system motivates

students because even though
the development is centered
through personal
development, improvement
points motivate high and low
achievers to do better.
Teams compete only with
themselves and their past
performance, this takes off
pressure to "win"
Self-direction and
communication skills
development serves as a
possible intrinsic motivator.

So what? What is important to understand about this?

It is important to integrate STAD strategies in some lesson plans in order to develop independent thinking and group work
and collaboration in students, the point system can provide motivation and make learning fun!