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Jacquelyn Olson

7780 Sears Road

Horton, MI. 49283
Cell: (810) 689-0336
E-mail: JackiOlson1993@hotmail.com


Spring Arbor University(SAU), 106 East Main Street, Spring Arbor, MI 49283
Relevant Classes: Education 140, EDU 202, SED 200, SED 269, EDU 273, EDU 262, SED
300, SED 400
Major Course of Study: Special Education
St. Clair County Community College (SC4), 323 Erie Street, Port Huron, MI 48060
Relevant Classes: Education 101
Major Course of Study: Education
St. Clair Technical Education Center (TEC), P.O. Box 1500, Marysville, Mi 48040
Relevant Classes: College Class Education 101
Major Course of Study: Teacher Exploration
Graduation: June 2011


April 2010 to March 2013 Gracies Kids Daycare and Learning Center
1661 Range Road, Suite B150, Kimball Twp., MI 48074. Position: Child Care Worker
Duties: Teach the kids their basic numbers and ABCs, prepare lessons, collect the
students weekly tuition, put the children to sleep for nap time, and clean up the center.
January 2011 to December 2012 Hollister & Co.
4350 24th Ave, Port Huron, MI, 48059. Position: Impact
Duties: I bring in the new shipment and stock up the store. I make sure that the new line is
out on display. I had
to make sure all the clothes were censored, and placed them in the
bays. When the floor would get low I would take more clothes out.
March 2013 to August 2014 Victorias Secret
1850 W Michigan Ave Jackson, MI 4920. Position: Sales and Stock Support
Duties: To assist customers in bra fittings and to find the perfect fit. I also process
clothes in the back and bring
the new product to the floor. I am able to help the customers
when there is a problem with previously
purchased merchandise and help them find a
solution. Over holiday time, I also overlooked all the merchandise
coming into the store and
making sure the back room is organized and running smoothly. I was in charge of
making sure
the people working in the back were properly trained to deal with the incoming shipment.
April 2014 to Present Heavens Little Helpers
6180 Spring Arbor Road, Jackson, MI, 49201 Position: Child Care Worker
Duties: I work with preschool and infant children to help develop fine motor and gross
motor skills. I slo work on teaching kids basic numbers and letters.


Enjoy helping the children learn new concepts and watching them grow educationally.
Leader, Responsible, Learns Quickly

Kind hearted and eager to assist

Teachers aid at Thomas Edison Elementary School for all the first grade teachers.
accomplished tasks in a timely manner and a self-starter
- Worked with students with autism and who were deaf
- Developed connections with parents and students
Flute section leader for PHN marching band Jr and Sr year.
- Held rehearsals, assisted younger girls learn their music, held classes.
Went to an all girls orphanage Africa Summer 2011
- Helped girls with their homework, told them about God, helped girls who felt abandoned
Went to Kenya December 2012-Janurary 2013
- Worked with street boys and found sponsors for their education.
Youth leader
- In charge of 5 girls in a Washington DC.
- Made sure they were back in rooms by 12, and were ready to go to events.
Lead Pre-School Teacher
- I worked on creating hands on lesson plans for the preschool students
- Created

Leader, Responsible, Learns Quickly