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North Koreas Tourism

Most popular places

The most popular places in North Korea is Pyongyang, Kaesong,
Sinuiju, Rason and Heaven Lake. They are the most popular places
because whenever people go there they always want to go there
because it is a beautiful place to be in North Korea. Pyongyang is the
capital city, Sinuiju is a shrine that is located in the middle of
Pyongyang and Heaven Lake situated near Sinuiju.

Time zone difference (AEST

(Australian eastern standard time))
The difference between North Korea is exactly 1 hrs.

Why people go there?

Besides the fact that t is a war zone it has many cool attractions to visit,
for example Heaven lake is a beautiful place to visit with family or your
loved ones.

Why people dont go there

People dont go there because it is a war zone and not many people
want to visit a place like that, because there is a huge risk when you go
there because they are testing nuclear weapons and making them and it
can be really dangerous.