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Bansamoro Basic Law

1. Preamble
We, the Bangsamoro people and
other inhabitants of the
Bangsamoro, imploring the aid of
the almighty, aspiring to establish
an enduring peace on the basis of
justice in our communities and a
justly balanced society, and
asserting our right to conserve and
develop our patrimony;
In consonance with the
Constitution and the universally
accepted principles of human
rights, liberty, justice, democracy,
and the norms and standards of
international law, reflective of our
system of life prescribed by our
faith, and in harmony with our
customary laws, cultures and
Affirming the distinct historical
identity and birthright of the
Bangsamoro people to their
ancestral homeland and their right
to self-determination beginning
with the struggle for freedom of
their forefathers in generations

1987 Philippine Constitution


past and extending to the present

to chart their political future
through a democratic process that
will secure their identity and
posterity, and allow for genuine
and meaningful self-governance as
stipulated under the
Comprehensive Agreement on the
Bangsamoro (CAB);
With the blessings of the Almighty,
do hereby ordain and promulgate
this Bangsamoro Basic Law,
through the Congress of the
Republic of the Philippines, as the
basic law of the Bangsamoro that
establishes the asymmetrical
political relationship with the
Central Government founded on
the principles of subsidiarity and
parity of esteem.
2. Article II Section 3
Bangsamoro Symbol. The
Bangsamoro Parliamentary shall
adopt the official flag, emblem and
anthem of the Bangsamoro.
3. Article III Section 1
Definition of Territory Territorry
refers to the land mass as well as

the maritime, terrestrial, fluvial

and alluvial domains, and the aerial
domain above it. The Bangsamoro
territory shall remain a part of the