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To: Rebecca Agosta

From : Natalie Chan

Date: 11/12/2014
Research outline



A. Focus of my research:
How can Christian activities can strengthen Christian identity, and how do they respond
their changes after they involve in the Christian activities. I want to prove how importance to
join the Christian activity to develop their identities by using my primary and secondary
B. Background:
Christian activities are very diverse and common in America, and Christian mostly
actively involve in Church and Bible study group in order to build a relationship with and
become faithful to their lord. Christians can shape their identity through participating in their
Christian activities, so they can know more themselves, have spiritual growth, learn how to love,
have a worldview and become very faithful. As being the children of God, they can continue
spread God spirit to the world so that more people can know the glory of God.
C. Fundamental Concept: I will use my primary and secondary to respond the foundation of
Christian activities and Christian identity.
D. Notes of two research:
1. Primary research:
I use observation, survey and interview to find out how do Christian react in Christian
activity; how do they respond their Christian identitys enforcement in their Christian activity;
how do Christian explain their changes by joining Christian activities.
I observed CRU meeting ( Campus private bible activities) to see how active do these
Christians interact with each others to build their Christian identities. The survey states what
identities they can shape, what do they acknowledge the benefit to attend the Christian activities.
I interview a Christian and ask her how does she shape her identities and changes in her
Christian activities.
2.Secondary research:
I use two book A Way of Being Christian Community and On being a Christian to
find the background of how do they Christian activities work, to find out how do Christians
learn Gods spirit in Christian activities; how Christian activities represent God spirit to
Christians; how do they respond and enforce their identities in their Christian activities.
E. Thesis Statement:
Christians join their Christian activities to strengthen their identities positively.


Literature Review

A. The reflection of Christian

1.The benefit to attend Christian activity
a. Question 7: How do you rank attending Christian activity can strengthen your
Christian identity
2.The changes of themselves
a. Do you think you become more positively or negatively after attending Christian
3.Comparison of two kinds of Christian
a. Question 8: How do you think Christians who are not attending any Christian
activities but only have faith to God?
B. The reaction of Christian
1. CRU meeting
a. Close eye, raise hand, singing
b. Take note on studying bible, read bible
2. Interview
a. How hungry do she looks for God
b. How she insists to study bible
c. Exercise as Christian
i. Her attitude to answer my question
d. Spread their spirit to others by shaping affinity identity in Christian activities
i. The friendship of Christian
ii. How her mom see her changes
C. Christian activity foundation
1.Church foundation
2. Bible foundation
D. The process to shape Christian identity
1. The belief in God
2. How to grow
a. The more time we read the bible and hang out with other Christians; the more
time we grow
3.Attend Christian activities (Sing the song)
4.Times to attend Christian activities weekly
5.The attitude in Christian activities
E. The stimulation
a. The reason to attend Christian activities
b. The power of Bible
i.Interview ( bible--the words of God, 1st bible)
ii.How bible give her power even her ethnic background (Hindu parent) become
her stunning block

a. Peer recognition
i.Does peer recognition benefit Christian shape Discourse identity in Christian
b. Peer participation
i.Observation ( peer participation , new blood, welcome, care)
c. Peer interaction
i. Survey
ii. Q9 How do you think your Christian friends' involvement help you to shape
your Christian identity?


Analysis approach

A. Description of slope
1.Christians enjoy attend to Christian activity 2-3 times weekly.
2.The majority of them go to church and study bible.
3.Christians build a good relationship with other Christians.
4.Christians love to spread Gods spirit to people.
5.Christians have positive growth after participating Christian activities.
B. Method usage of the first task
1.Observed CRU meeting ( Campus private bible activities)
a. How active do these Christians interact with each others to build affinity and
institutional identities
b. How to expand Gods spirit to others as their relationship is really close when
they meet every Thursday.
c. This method lets me to see their communication and proves Christian can shape
their identities in their Christian activities.
C. Method usage of the second task
1. interview a Christian who used to become a Hindu
a. Reason to believe in God
b. How God spirit shape her identity
i. Better human-being that her mom also approve her new changes.
ii.Explore her faith to God to understand herself
iii.Her personalities become more positive
c. Reason
i. Go to church
ii.Study bible and interact with other Christian.
2. Reflection
a. Face to face interview
i. Highly express her emotion through her body language

ii. Involve her personal experience can be used as a fabulous example in my

D. Method usage of third task
30 Christians to answer my 9 questions on how they think Christian activity can
shape their identity.
a. Receive the quick response
b. Compare and Contrast the data
i.the Christian who usually attend different Christian activities can shape
their identity more than who go less or dont go any of activites.
c. Questions are very various
i.Ranking questions
ii.Multiple questions
iii.Yes/ No questions

A. The reflection of Christian
1. Positive
a. Personality
b. Self-solving problem
c. Emotion
d. Spiritual growth
e. Academic achievement
f. Becoming a better human-being, like more peaceful
g. Worldview of contribution changing
h. Understand themselves more
2. Comparison with Christian who dont attend any Christian activities
a. 47 % interviewers think they have weak identity
b. Cant
3. Christian identities build
a. Affitary Identity
i. Receive more motivation
ii. Learn how to love people
b. Pray more themselves and others
c. Help to spread Gods spirits to God
d. Want to meet Christian across the nation
B. The reaction of Christian
Build a relationship
a. Go to church
b. Go worship


Communication with God

a. Take note and add opinion in bible study group
b. Read bible
c. Pray for themselves
Becoming more faithful
a. Raise hand while singing Christian songs
Love to spread Gods spirit to others
a. Patients to answer the questions about God and Bible.
b. Pray for people
i. let them to know the glory of God
Communication with other peers
a. Talk more about God
b. Express themselves
c. Receives more encouragement
d. Receive more motivation
e. Learn more about love
C. Christian activity foundation
a. Christian in church build spirit as community
b. Practice their faith in God
c. Welcome all people who seek for him
d. Dont distinguish people from race
e. Look as brothers and sisters to other Christians
f. Teach Christian to become a better human-being
i. Again human arrogance
ii. Never judge people
g. Christian believe their future as gift of God
h. Christian know God loves them
a. The words of Gods spirits
b. Norm of Christian faith and life
c. Relate human level to pray
d. Love God
e. Tell Christians to go worship
D. The process to shape identity
Sing Christian songs
a. lyrics of inspiration
Attending Summer project
a. World Grace
i. Turn work to grace

ii. Connect with God valuably

iii. Explore Gods spirit to reach goal
Christian activities
i. Read bible
ii. Go to church
Spend time with Christians
Belief in God
To build a relationship with God
E. The stimulation
Peer effect
a. Support each other in summer project
b. Christian like two pieces of iron to shape together
Personal faith to God
a. Belief in him even though in country of other religion
Build relationship with God



A. Summary of objective and approach of this paper

Christian activities
a. CRU meeting
b. Summer project
c. Go to church
d. Bible study group
Affitary Identity
a. Peer recognition
b. More conversation with God
c. Learn how to love
d. Express to others
e. receive motivation
f. receive encouragement
Institutional identity
a. More faithful
b. Spiritual Growth
c. Want to meet other Christians
d. Understand themselves more
e. Pray more themselves and others
f. Spread Gods spirits
B. Major finding
Christians always go to church and study bible


Christians, who attend Christian activities, can strengthen their identity than those
who dont attend.
Christians wants to build relationship with God as the reason to take part in the
Christians practice Christianism to spread Gods spirit to others
Christians can shape their Institutional and Affitary Identities.
Christians peer as a stimulation to shape their identities.
C. Important implication of this paper's finding
a. Build a relationship with God
i. Study Bible
ii. Go to church
iii. Pray
iv. Worship
b. Practise Christianism
i. Spread Gods faith to people
D. Needed future work in the fluid
Hang out with Christian
a. Participant their Christian activities
b. Asking about Christianity
Find the meaning of praying
Find the meaning of worship