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Henderson 1

Jamal Henderson
21 October 2014
Annotated Bibliography
ANGELA, EPSTEIN. "Thinking of having 'the snip'? Read this man's excruciating story first.."
Daily Mail 05 Aug. 2014: 33. Newspaper Source Plus. Web. 19 Oct. 2014.
This article is about a man by the name of Colin Davis that went through a vasectomy. Colin of
course received a vasectomy because he no longer wanted to have children. The surgery is fine
for an entire 22 years and then the problem occurs. Colin states that he feels a slight discomfort
build up over time and it only gets worst as the weeks go by. The pain is located in both of the
testicles and is caused by one of two things. The most common cause of the pain is damaged
nerves where the surgery was located, the second is leakage from the testicular tubes which
causes the body to inflame.
Colins story is evidence that a vasectomy is not the best decision when it comes to birth control.
The surgery is permanent and is known to cause discomfort. Even though a woman wrote this
article, it voices a males story. This article will be used to show the downside to other solutions

Chauhan, Chetan. "'Let men pop a pill too'." Hindustan Times 30 Apr. 2008: Newspaper Source
Plus. Web. 12 Oct. 2014.

This article was posted by a woman named Chetan Chauhan and it supports the idea of having
male birth control such as the pill method. This article points out that the committee on
empowerment of women actually asked a health center to do more research on male birth
controls because they feel as if it has been put on the back burner. Scientists have put all the
responsibility on women while some men still refuse to use condoms. Vasectomies arent very

Henderson 2

popular either due to them being permanent and so many myths about what goes wrong with
This source would be used as one of my voices showing that some women actually do think its a
good idea for men to be given more options with birth control. Taking some pressure off the
women in our society isnt a bad idea at all. This is a voice supporting the male birth control.

Emma, Healey. "Birth control pill for men poised to rock society's fixed gender roles." Toronto
Star (Canada) 03 Jan. 2014: Newspaper Source Plus. Web. 12 Oct. 2014.

This article is written by a woman by the name of Emma. In this article Emma is talking about
the types of change that would come from a male birth control pill being on the market. The
stereotypical roles males and females are given would be shaken up. Men are seen as the less
responsible gender, so females do not think they would be capable of remembering to take their
pills each day.
This article isnt really bias to any side. Just a piece that states the opinions of both genders on
the topic of male birth controls. This is a voice of both male and females collectively, some
believe male birth control is a great idea while others do not.

"If you can't trust him with washing what will he be like on the Pill?" Sun [London, England] 8
Dec. 2013: 33. Infotrac Newsstand. Web. 6 Oct. 2014.

This entire article is about women not going to be able to trust men with the responsibility of
taking their birth control. The article is also written by a women and she makes it clear she isnt
really a fan of the new drug. In 2011 a survey by Anglia Ruskin University found that half of
women wouldn't rely on a male pill as contraception -- because they didn't trust their partners to

Henderson 3

remember to take it. The author also pointed out that there is a temporary chemical vasectomy
being tested and its promising.
I would pull the information about chemical vasectomies from this and also the opinion of
another woman thinking men arent reliable enough to handle taking birth control pills. This
article is definitely a womans. These woman are against the idea.

"I'M ON THE MALE PILL; This man is testing a contraceptive that could revolutionise our sex
lives - very soon. So what do he, and his girlfriend, think of it so far? And will other women ever
trust their partner to take it?" Daily Mail [London, England] 25 Jan. 2005: 46. Infotrac
Newsstand. Web. 6 Oct. 2014.

This article is perhaps my most useful source. This piece is about a man who is actually on a
birth control pill. Sam is a 30 year old man who volunteered for a medical trial to test the pill.
Doctors conduct test on Sam to see if the pill is doing his job. Sam has no side effects and has a
girlfriend who has yet to get pregnant without the use of condoms or any other contraceptive. A
lot of people have mixed feelings about him being on the pill. Some men believe its the
womans job.
Most of my paper will most likely come from this article, due to Sam already using a birth
control pill and it actually being effective. This is a first person account of what the pill will be
like if put on the market. Little to no side effects have been seen.
Ostrom, Carol, Men on the pill, doctors say its no dream Seattle Times, The (WA). 27 Sept.
2007. Newspaper Source Plus. Web. 14 Oct. 2014
In this article the writer speaks of why it has taken so long for a birth control pill used for men to
hit the market. She states that the male body produces one thousand sperm a heartbeat. Which is
millions of times more than the female body which releases one egg each month. The demand
for such a product is very high in almost every country. Now the test is showing how effective it

Henderson 4

is. The next test is getting the community to realize you shouldnt just trust any guy at a bar that
says I am on the pill. This drug would need to be used between partners because it doesnt
prevent the spread of STDs.
I would pull the information about there being a high demand for male birth control out of this
piece. This is the voice of a scientist and there are lots of statistics in this article I will be able to
use when writing my paper.

PR, Newswire. "Guys, Take Note: Male Birth Control Pill May Be Ready Soon, Says Texas
A&M Prof." PR Newswire US 05 Sept. 2012: Newspaper Source Plus. Web. 19 Oct. 2014.

This article was written by the scientist at Texas A&M. These scientist are working to produce a
male birth control. Their research is being done on mice in their labs. The mice are given
injections and put in a space with female mice and they mate. The research has been very
promising. The mice didnt reproduce when injected with the birth control and when taken off of
the birth control, the mice returned to their normal reproduction rates. The mice also showed no
side effects whatsoever. The school also did a survey and 70 percent of men would be willing to
take the birth control.
This article would voice the side of scientist who are for and working hard for the idea of male
birth control. I would pull the research done on these mice to back up my stance on the subject.

"Shelley Bridgeman: Male contraception drug a hard pill to swallow." New Zealand Herald, The
n.d.: Newspaper Source Plus. Web. 19 Oct. 2014.

This source is an article written by Angela Epstein for the Daily Mail. Angela makes it clear that
she is against the idea of given men the responsibility of taking birth control. She says men are in

Henderson 5

responsible and no woman would give their partner that power over her body. The woman is the
one who must undergo the physical change if the birth control fails. Angela does state that
scientist in Israel have made a breakthrough and its possible that a pill for men could be on the
market very soon. The pill is said to have no side effect and only has to be taken every three
months. Which is making women asks where such a pill can be found for themselves.

This source will be used as a voice for women against a birth control for men. I dont think
Angelas reasons for not having a male birth control are fair. She seems to be attacking mans
character rather than sticking to the facts.