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*There are no stairs here at the ECEC, nor do they have pegs, large zippers, or allow children to

play with jars with lids and bead strings.

Toddlers Observed:

Carter (2)
Annaysha (2)
Aniyah (2)
Sam (3)

Gross & Fine Motor Skills:

Scribbles vigorously:
o Today the kids did color, however they didnt get individual coloring
sheets or pieces of paper. Ms. Vincent laid out a long piece of butcher
paper on the table and set out a cup of markers. Some of the kids
scrambled over to the paper but after a couple of minutes most of them
left. The only children left were Valarie and Annaysha. Both of the
children didnt make any sort of shapes or noticeable objects, they both
just scribbled and made lines and dots.
Jumps in place:
o The children all have crazy amounts of energy and theyre jumping,
hopping, running, or something else of that matter. Annaysha is a jumper
and I noticed she likes to hop around.
Walks on tiptoes:
o *Never noticed any of the kids walking on their tiptoes
Place one 2 block on another 2 block
o When I got to the classroom Ms. Vincent had already put out blocks on
the floor. Some of the children were playing with them while the other
kids were playing with other things. Sam built a tower with his blocks
and soon after he finished building his tower, the other kids that were
playing with the blocks starting building towers as well.
Scribbles with large crayon on a large piece of paper:
o Annaysha and another child were the two that were coloring however
they werent using crayons they were using markers.
Turns 2-3 pages in a large book while sitting in adults lap:
o The children arent allowed to read the large books by themselves and
none of the children went to an adult to read a book. Clara, however, sat
in the book corner and looked through books most of the hour I was there.

*There are no stairs here at the ECEC, nor do they have pegs, large zippers, or allow children to
play with jars with lids and bead strings.

Holds pencil and makes marks on sheet of paper

o When the children were coloring and scribbling on the paper they werent
using pencils they were using crayons and markers.
Builds a 4 block tower with 2 cube blocks
o The blocks that the children were playing with werent cubes, they were
the large Legos, but like I said Sam was building towers then the others
kids followed suit.
Additional Comments:
Gross & Fine Motor Skills
Draws an arc on a piece of unlined paper with a pencil being shown how:
o I didnt really notice children drawings arcs, most of the drawings were
incomprehensible and mostly scribbles.
Turns a doorknob that is within reach using both hands:
o Annaysha is somewhat obsessed with the classroom doorknob and every
time someone walks in or out they let Annaysha close the door for them.
Additional Comments:
Cognitive Skills:
Ability to search for a hidden object:
o *No one played hide and go seek with anything during this hour
Deferred imitation of an adults novel actions on objects after a long delay:
o Didnt notice any children doing this.
Engages in make-belief play:
o The children were talking about castles and dinosaurs (Im assuming they
were meaning dragons but it was funny anyway) when they were playing
with the blocks and building their towers.
Says first recognizable word:
o All of the kids can speak except for Annaysha, as I noticed the last time I
was here. I can tell that her parents speak more of their own language at
home rather than English. She says okay! a lot and it sounds like its the
only English word she can say clearly and frequently.
Expands vocabulary from 50-200 words:
o All of the kids except for Annaysha like said before.
Combine 2 words:
o Same as before.

*There are no stairs here at the ECEC, nor do they have pegs, large zippers, or allow children to
play with jars with lids and bead strings.

Sorts objects into categories:

o I didnt notice any of this.
Takes turn in games:
o *Didnt notice any children playing specific games.
Additional Comments:
Social and Emotional Skills:
Displays self-conscious emotions of shame, embarrassment, guilt and/or pride:
o Sam is still very shy.
Can verbally name some feelings:
o Didnt notice any of the children doing this.
Displays empathy:
o Also didnt notice any empathy.
Joins in play with familiar others:
o Carter and Sam play together and I noticed that from the first time I was
here so it might be something they do every day.
Complies with simple directions:
o Sam is good about listening and following directions, I havent noticed
any behavior problems with him and he is always willing to do exactly
what the teachers ask.
Shows gender-stereotyped toy choices:
o The children played with blocks and colored so I didnt really notice any
gender-stereotyped choices. I didnt even notice any of the kids preferring
boys or girls colors when they were coloring.
Displays self-control:
o I can tell you who doesnt display self-control, and that is Aniyah. No selfcontrol lol
Additional Comments: