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Annotated Works Cited

Atkinson, John W., and Joel O. Raynor. Personality, Motivation, and Achievement. Washington:
Hemisphere Pub., 1978. Print.
This resource is a book that I found in the Atkins library. The book is about how
personality can effect and ultimately motivate someone to achieve something they want. It goes
in depth about how behavior influences fear and their drive for success. The authors, Atkinson
and Raynor, both use their knowledge about achievement and motivation to succeed. Both of
these authors have wrote and done research on motivation for humans and their internal drive to
The source is a good source for my topic. Though the book is not about bucket lists it is
about the main idea or purpose of bucket lists. The idea behind my topic is that a person is
achieving something that means something to them and is something they have always wanted to
do. The source goes in depth about the motivation behind succeeding and bucket lists are
something that helps people straighten their thoughts on how and what they want to achieve for
just themselves.
This source is a credible one because I did find it through the library website. Both
authors are well known authors that have wrote a number of books. The authors also received
help from other sources to strengthen their content.

Moore, Elizabeth A. "For Boy Going Blind, a Bucket List of Sights." USA Today 4 Nov. 2014:
n. pag. Web. 5 Nov. 2014.

The source is an online magazine article from USA Today. The article is about a nine
year old boy that is going blind and he makes a bucket list of places he wants to see before he
goes blind. The article shows how the boy completing things on his bucket list makes him feel a
sense of self accomplishment. USA Today is a well-known magazine which helps it credibility.
The article is touching. The boy has a list of places he wants to see before he goes blind
and his parents help him get to see these places. Some of the places include New York City, a
farm with cows and chickens, Legoland, the Apple Store and a croissant bakery. The boy knows
his family wouldnt be able to fulfill his entire list so he asks to see pictures of glaciers and other
things he most likely wouldnt be able to see.
USA Today is a magazine that has been around since 1982 and has posted and published
millions of articles. The magazines mission is to serve the pulse of American citizens and serve
them with factual articles of what is going on in the world today.

Robbins, Anthony. Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement. New York:
Simon and Schuster, 1986. Print.
I found this source in the Atkins library and it is about the science of personal
achievement. It talks about success formulas and how the brain reacts and influences personal
achievement. The book is a scientific book and talks about the physiological and psychological
parts of personal achievements.
The book was interesting yet confusing. It talked a lot about the sciences behind
achievement which made the reading harder and more confusing. It was interesting to see how
the brain works when personal achievement is in the mix. It also talks about lies that are

commonly associated with achievement. It also talks about your strive from birth for personal
This source is a credible one because I did find it through the library website. Both
authors are well known authors that have wrote a number of books. The authors also received
help from other sources to strengthen their content.

Thean, Tara. "Beating the Odds: Teenage Cancer Patient Completes Her Bucket List |
TIME.com." <i>NewsFeed Beating the Odds Teenage Cancer Patient Completes Her
Bucket List Comments</i>. 8 Aug. 2012. Web. 25 Nov. 2014.
This article is about a 16 year old girl who has been fighting terminal cancer for over 5
years. Her name is Alice Pyne and she likes in England. She created a bucket list that contains
17 items and has a blog to document her success with the list. The article talks about her journey
and motivation to finish all the items on her list. The author is Tara Thean and she is a
contributor to TIME magazine and she graduated from Princeton University.
The article explains how she was a catalysis to a movement that helped spread awareness
for not only her condition but for people with the same cancer across the globe. Alices blog and
story has got over 40,000 people to sign up for the Bone Marrow Register. Through her
successful story of completing items on her list and showing people the accomplishments she has
made, Alice has helped the community in more ways. It relates to my topic because Alice had a
bucket list and documented it to the public which caused a tidal wave of awareness and support.

This is a credible source from TIME Magazines website. The author is from Princeton
University and she graduated with an A. B. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I did more
research about the issue and found Alice Pynes blog which actually talked about her items and
her cancer. The article is published through a credible, well established magazine which helps
add authenticity and credibility.

LeSLIE BRIDGERS Staff Writer. "Sixty years after ; An 85-year-old Falmouth man takes an
item off his 'bucket list' after his life's work helps complete the graduate school program
he started in 1950.." Portland Press Herald (Maine). 08 Oct. 2014: 1A. eLibrary. Web. 25
Nov. 2014.
This article talks about an 85 year old man that wants to go back to earn his masters
degree. Though the man has already had a job in his work field for over 60 years he wants to
prove to himself and his family that he can indeed achieve a masters degree. The purpose of the
article is to show a mans motivation that is based of his desire to succeed. That relates to my
topic because a bucket list can only get done if there is motivation to complete an item.
Motivation is the drive behind completing a bucket list. The article I read is about a man
motivated by myself to earn a masters degree. Howard Reiche Jr. had been working in his field
for over 60 years and wanted to earn a title that was unneeded. When he went back to college
the University told him that he had done everything he needed so he earned his masters degree.
The man was motivated to get his masters degree for his own personal achievement. Bucket lists
are an example of motivation that leads to personal achievement.

I found the source on online database called elibrart.com. It is a credible database of

scholarly articles and books. The author Leslie Bridgers is a staff writer for the Portland Press
Harold. She has had many articles published in the Portland Press Harold which helps make he a
credible source.