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Module 3: Kingdom of God

Stefania Strati
Psalm 4
for you alone, O Lord, make me lie down in
This shows that David asks the Lord to keep
him safe from bad things, in order for him to
wake up the next day able to be a follower
once more.
O that we might see some good!
David wants to see good deeds occurring and
people treating others in the same way that
they themselves want to be treated.
David is asking the Lord for these things, with
a sureness and confidence that almost demands
the Lord listen. For example: Be gracious to
me, and hear my prayer. David is still being
respectful, but is speaking with assertiveness.
David allows moments for reflection in his
psalms. The word selah means to pause and
think about the meaning behind what was just

The Lords Prayer

But deliver us from evil
This is similar to what David says because we
are asking the Lord to keep us away from the
bad things, and maintain our safety, in order to
continue being followers.
Thy will be done in earth, As it is in
We say these words with the meaning that we
will act on Earth in the same manner that they
act in heaven, with good intentions and treating
others with respect.
There is less assertiveness or demand in the
Lords prayer, as it is not coming directly from
one persons point of view.
There is not a lot of occurrence, if any, for
reflection in the Lords Prayer.

Davids psalm is much more descriptive, giving specific examples of times of hardship,
whereas in the Lords Prayer, we are speaking in a much broader context. Both the psalm and the
prayer have good intention, by seeking to get rid of evil and only promote the good in the world
we live in; they both speak about doing good things for others in order for the greater good of all
around us. Finally, Davids psalm allows for reflection to weigh in on the meaning of the words
being said, however the Lords Prayer does not. In fact, I believe we are often rushing through
saying the Lords Prayer, and not only disallowing for reflection, but forgetting the entire
meaning of the prayer all together. It would be beneficial to slow down when we say the Lords

Prayer, and truly reflect on the meaning behind each of the lines, in order to better relate it to our
own lives.
The Lords Prayer reflects a distinctive Christian outlook because it allows us to
remember that we are in a world where we are susceptible to physical or emotional harm. By
being able to remind us of the dangers of the world we live in, the Lords Prayer is able to help
us believe in the good of other people so that we may bring good to them as well. By following
the Lord, we do unto others as we wish done to us, in order to reduce some of the evil that is
described in the prayer. Although this is does not refer to the things in life we cannot control,
such as diseases, we do our best to believe in the greater good for all mankind. It helps us better
imagine the world we want to live in.