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CAD Final Report

Brief Explanation of Mechanism:

The four-bar linkage mechanism is a planar mechanism where four links are constrained
by four cylindrical joints. This mechanism has one link that is fixed, while the motion of a
second link determines the motion of the third and fourth links. The four-bar linkage mechanism
is the simplest and often times, the most useful mechanism. The function of this link mechanism
is to produce rotating, oscillating, or reciprocating motion from the rotation of a crank.

Photorealistic Render:
To the right is a photorealistic render of the
four-bar linkage mechanism with added
appearances to the base (Mahogany and
Brass), stand (Nickel), the 4 bars
(Chromium and Aluminum), and handle
bar (Titanium) as well as the handle knob

Figure 1: Photorealistic render of Four-Bar Linkage Mechanism

Link to Animation of Four-Bar Linkage Mechanism:

Four-Bar Linkage Animation

Drawing of Assembly in Exploded View:

Figure 2: Drawing in Exploded View of Four-Bar Linkage Mechanism

Detailed Drawing of One Part in Assembly:

Figure 3: Drawing of Lower Bar in Four-Bar Linkage Mechanism