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MGP Brainstorming

Step 1: First, use your list of genre ideas to narrow down to THREE potential
genre ideas for your 2-3 Multi-Genre pieces.
Commercial Ad
Top Ten list
Campaign speech
Magic Trick
Step 2: For each of your three ideas, explain why and/or how you might use each
genre to communicate specific information to get. Think about the following for
each piece:
For the video rap I could simulate a rap battle between carl jung and sigmund
Freud or Freud and Allan Hobson, and write lines according to their ideologies.
For the top ten list I could have a list of the different theories in order of what I
believe are correct. For the Campaign speech I could have a persuasive speech
swaying people to believe a certain theory. For the ad I would have something
similar where it would persuade someone to chose alone theory over another.
What is this genre used for? (What social situation causes us to need this type of
The video genre is used for a multitude of ways. It, like writing, is an art
form that can be used to transfer diverse types of information. Raps are also the
same way, as they are simply poetry to a beat. Top ten lists, provide others with
some sort of basis of what to buy or what to believe, or what to do when compared
with other things in its field. Campaign speeches, are given to sway and persuade
voters, to vote for the orator. Although magic tricks, re not often used for things
such story telling or conveying information there is an exception. One common
trick that goes through the whole deck, assigns each card as something in the story
and tells a message.
Why did you choose that genre? In other words, what do you plan to use this genre
to accomplish? What is the message you might try to communicate through that
piece? (Consider purpose: Is this piece to inform, express or persuade?)
I chose video because I am passionate about making videos and I think my
idea will come across as both informative and creative. The commercial ad was
chosen for similar reasons, as it allows a lot of creativity and information, while
also being a topic I have experience with. I chose a top ten list and a campaign
speech because of the persuasive nature of the two and it would allow me to swing
ideas and push people to one side or another. Although my goal is not to actually
persuade someone's view on why we dream, I am trying to persuade people to take
more interest in the subject and show why it is important to research it.

Who might be your audience for this piece?

The audience would be really the general public. My rap would appeal to
more of a younger audience. The campaign speech would apply to high schoolers
and up as the professional prose necessary for it. A magic trick would be a similar
audience, as most people like magic tricks, and enjoy the mystification.
How could this piece reflect the research youve done, either through the ideas
youve learned or by incorporating direct information? Do you have ideas for
certain sources that need to go in this piece?
For the rap battle, the lines would have literal information in them. For the
top ten list, i would provide informative reasons for why certain things are better.
For the campaign speech I would do something similar as I would include
reasoning and stats for why certain things were better.