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Title: Word Dice

Author: Nicole Kleinschmidt
Subject: Language Arts
Grade Level: 4th grade
Duration: 45 minutes
Unit Description: This lesson is part of a 2 weeklong unit on word meaning and usage.
Lesson Goals:
Student will be able to describe a new word based on its context
Students will be able to use the new word in new contexts
Students will be able to fluently use their new words when they see them again
Common Core Standards
Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words and phrases
based on grade 4 reading and content, choosing flexibly from a range of strategies.
Use context (e.g., definitions, examples, or restatements in text) as a clue to the meaning of
a word or phrase.
Consult reference materials (e.g., dictionaries, glossaries, thesauruses), both print and
digital, to find the pronunciation and determine or clarify the precise meaning of key words
and phrases.
Big Ideas: Determining word meaning
Barriers: Students may not be able to read the words being used, students may be
overwhelmed by the numbers and tasks associated with them. The words picked may be
too complex for some students to understand, part of the lesson is in small groups so
students may have issues with that. Some students may not have the same background
knowledge about books and using books. Some students may not have good decoding
skills to decode the words.
Anticipatory Set:
7.2 Optimize relevance, value and authenticity
Start out by asking students to think about a time theyve been reading a book or
have had a book read to them and there were words they didnt understand?
Talk about how this activity is going to help us learn new words and learn skills to
learn those words and words in the future.

Adapted from CAST: UDL Lesson Plan Builder: http://lessonbuilder.cast.org/

This will help the students because it will help them become better readers.
Emphasize that this is a safe classroom and its ok not to know the words or

Introduce and Model New Knowledge (I do)

Pick a book to read as a class (or part of a book), this should be a book everyone can
understand the vocabulary to
As youre reading pick out a few tough words that the students might be confused
After the reading write the words on one side of the board, on the other side of the
board write or have a poster of the activity.
The rules are, you will roll a die and depending on the number rolled youll do the
task associated with it. Do all 6 tasks for a word before moving onto the next word
The tasks are
o Roll a 1, define the word (pull out a dictionary and define)

Write on paper, type on computer, voice record answer

o Roll a 2, draw what it means

Hand draw, draw using AT

o Roll a 3, make a list of similar words (use a thesaurus)

Write on paper, type on computer, voice record answer

o Roll a 4, say what it reminds you of

Write on paper, type on computer, voice record answer

o Roll a 5, use the word in a sentence

Write on paper, type on computer, voice record answer

o Roll a 6, make a list of opposite words

Write on paper, type on computer, voice record answer

Model each of the tasks using one of your own words

Make it ok to use outside resources and ask for help if they get stuck

Provide Guided Practice (we do) (you do together)

Next have a students come up and roll the die, and do all 6 tasks for another word
This allows them to ask questions and understand the tasks through observation
and doing it themselves
Provide Independent Practice (you do)
Group up the class (based on reading level) and have them pick a book associated
with their level
In their groups they should read the book together and pick out 5 tough words

Adapted from CAST: UDL Lesson Plan Builder: http://lessonbuilder.cast.org/

If a group/or person has troubles with reading allow them to read an e-book with a
read aloud function
Then they will go around in a circle and roll the die one by one, completing each of
the 6 tasks one word at a time
Make sure that each group can clearly see the 6 tasks
For each word each task should just be done once, emphasize that they need to reroll if the number has already been done for that word
For tasks where writing is involved, if a group/person has trouble with writing
allow them to type out the answer, or record it into recorder
Lets look back at our book we read at the beginning of class
We picked out 5 words, but we only figured out 3 of them
As a class I want you guys to show me how to learn these words
Give the students 5 minutes to figure out each word using the skills they learned
Dont need to use the dice, just the skills associated with the dice game
Great job!

Formative, Ongoing Assessment

Move around the groups and take note of the words
Note which students seem to be participating the most and taking accurate notes
Encourage students who arent participating as much to roll the dice next and do
that activity for their group
Summative Assessment
At the end of the lesson have each student write out their words individually and
have them write/draw what they now know about the words (using the 6 tasks as
the guidelines)
As homework have them pick a book at home and do the activity for 3 words

White board and markers/poster with markers

Class book to read from
Copies of books for each group
Paper to write and draw on

Adapted from CAST: UDL Lesson Plan Builder: http://lessonbuilder.cast.org/