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To Kill a
Mockingbird Viewing
Directions: Answer the following questions as you watch the movie. The questions are
broken up into five sections that match the five segments of the movie that we will be
discussing and analyzing throughout this unit. Write your answers on the writing paper
Opening Credits

What is the child drawing during the opening credits? Why does the child tear it up at
the end of the credits?
After the title scene, list the items in the cigar box and their symbolic value to the
characters in the story (based on what we know about them)? Dont worry if you
dont get it right off, we will discuss the more difficult symbols in class.
Object in the Cigar Box

Symbolic Value

Part 1

Where does this movie take place? What year is it?

Describe what Atticus does to calm Mrs. Dubois.
Who is Dills aunt?
What reason do the Finch children (Jem & Scout) give Dill as to why Boo is stuck
in his house?
5. Describe the conversation between Mr. Ewell and Atticus at the courthouse.
6. Who is supposed to get the pearl necklace when Atticus dies?
7. What did the man on the porch (Judge Taylor) ask Atticus to do?

8. What do the kids go to the courthouse to see?

9. Why do the kids spit on the gate as they sneak into Boo Radleys yard?
Part 2
10. Atticus said Mr. Radley shot his gun at whom?
11. Why doesnt Scout want to come into the breakfast room on her first day of school?
12. What does Jem ask Walter Cunningham about at lunch?
13. Why does Atticus say his father would not let him kill a Mockingbird?
14. Atticus says you cant understand a person untilwhat?
15. What did Atticus say is the main reason he is defending Tom Robinson?
16. Name at least three things Jim found in the hole in the tree.
17. Why did Sheriff Tate move Tom Robinson from the town jail?
18. What happens in the street and how does it impress Jem?
19. What is Atticus simple trick to get along with folks?
20. Describe what happens when Atticus and the children go to visit Helen Robinson
late at night. Why do you think the filmmakers include this scene?
21. What was in Jems box that Scout promised never to tell anyone about?
Part 3
22. What is it that made Mr. Cunningham and the rest of the crowd change their mind
and leave?
23. Why do you think they claim that Tom confessed to the crime he is accused of
24. How did Atticus show that Tom could not use his left hand?
25. Why does Atticus say that he has pity for Mr. Ewells daughter?
26. What is the assumption-the evil assumption that Atticus calls a lie?
27. In our country the courts are the great _____________...all men are created
Part 4
28. After the verdict, why do you think there is complete silence in the courtroom?
29. Why do all the people in the gallery of the courtroom stand as Atticus walks out?
30. How does Scout react to that act?
31. There are some men in this world who were born to do our ___________
_________________ for us.
32. Why do you think Jim insists on going with Atticus to Tom Robinsons farm?
33. Why doesnt Atticus fight Bob Ewell when he spits on him?
34. Who do you think killed Bob Ewell?
35. Why doesnt the Sheriff want to prosecute Bob Ewells killer?

Thought Question:
This film was nominated for the academy award for best picture the year it was
released. In 1995, the film was deemed culturally significant by the United States
Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry in 1995.
The American Film Institute named TKAM number 34 in the list of 100 Greatest
American Movies.
36. Why do you think this film is seen as one of the most important/best movies? What
about this film is powerful/timeless/significant?

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