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Abimelec Cruz-Santos

Miss E.
UWRT 1103-018
Authors Statement: Multi-Genre Project
Let me start off with letting you know a bit about my line of inquiry. For those of you
unfamiliar with my knowledgeable blogs, I chose to do my project on the strength of propaganda
and its use by powerful people to control the masses. My intention in this project was to find a
solution to the growing influence it has on us as individual thinkers. In my research, I began with
referencing the novel 1984 by George Orwell, this influenced one of my choices for this genre
project. The target audience for my line of inquiry were those in the age to vote, I wanted to
educate them first in order to let them decide their own nations future when elections
approached. The vision I wanted for this project was proof of growth, proof that I began with
minimal background knowledge but reached my own conclusion based off the sources used in
my blog.
For my first genre piece I chose one of the most complex, creative ideas I could. It is one
of those pieces that took longer than it should have because of the thought poured into it. I
decided to write a poem and weave it in between a picture that depicted what my line of inquiry
was warning against. The most difficult part of the piece, as a write, was deciding to go with
poetry as my genre. I have very little poetic skills but wanted to show that I could go out of my
safe zone of writing in blocks of paragraph to capture this metaphor. The part of the weaving
was to show how intricate messages could be, at first only some of the lines were weaved into
the picture but as the language intensified so did the amount of text left out. Basically I wanted it

to represent how the message a person is trying to spread can be apparent or hidden but their
intentions are the same, they all want you to believe what they are preaching unquestionably.
Propaganda is inevitable, the aspect of propaganda that I am attacking in my blogs and
genre pieces are those that serve to blind independent thinking. The moment it is used to spread
hatred and ignorance then this is when interference should be made by the people or
governments even though some mask behind the first amendment.
In the second genre piece I took a step back and chose something simple to spread a
different point of view. I become the salesman in this case and I wanted to promote my own
lectures of how to be successful. The genre I chose was a flyer. I knew that I needed to use
vibrant colors and short phrases to grab peoples attention, then put the date and time of the event
somewhere that it could be seen but not the center of attention. I wanted to show one example of
harmless advertisement that doesnt do anything but promote awareness without forcing
someone to believe one way. This is because it was to left to the reader to decide whether or not
they should go and it didnt limit the readers ability to figure out if this was something he should
For my last genre piece, I went with a postcard. The postcard idea was influenced by the
book 1984 in which I wanted to be a resident of 1984 London writing out to a friend trying to get
them to visit. This relates to my line of inquiry because it is one of the sources early on in my
blog that gave me that minimal background knowledge that I described. This was the bleak
future that I wanted to use to promote my conclusion that self-education and inquiry prevents
that sheep mentality. I purposefully sounded brain-washed in my postcard, willing to argue
that all the rights stripped from them served as a great good to the community. I included the
typical postcard restriction adding an address, name, greeting, postage, and a picture on the back.

My biggest regret for this project was not going for a more artistic approach then what
was taken. If I had the time, and time management skills, I would have gone for complex genres
that showed growth in my writing and creativity. The idea that propaganda will never exist is
impossible because it is something massive hat emerged with language and communication. If
anything I hope that I did a good job in developing my research skills and being able to
communicate my opinions freely.