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Osorio 1

Marleny Osorio
English 115
November 12, 2014
Annotated Bibliography
Drago del, Antonio. 5 Characteristics of an Epic Villain. Mythic Scribes. Brian DeLeonard, 24
May, 2011. Web. 08 November, 2014.
This blog entry is all about what makes a villain. The author writes about what
characteristics make the best villains in the film industry. He lists them and describes them. For
example some were powerful, and he said they hold control over others and can command them
to do whatever they want, and he also said intelligent. Of course a villain must be a genius in
order to stay a step ahead of his enemy. This is useful for my essay because I will be trying to
prove that the high warlock is a good character and in order to prove this I must show evidence
of how he is not a bad person.
Manno, Fort Phillip. The Anti-Hero and the Anti-Heroic Mode: A Study in the Genesis and
Development of the Victorian Poetical Protagonist. New Philadelphia: ProQuest, UMI
issertations, 1968. Print.
This book is all about different types of heroes and what makes them a hero in literature.
The examples given are Romantic heroes, Continental heroes, Byronic heroes and anti-heroes.
The part that will help me the most with my paper is the part on anti-heroes because the high
warlock can be considered an anti hero and this book helps me define exactly what
characteristics they contain. Some characteristics are that the person rejects the traditional role a
hero has and he or she wants to do the right thing but they might not always know how to go

Osorio 2
upon doing so. The author relates anti-heroes to the Romantic hero. He uses the Romantic hero
in order to help him define exactly what an anti-hero is.
Introduction: The Quest Discoveries: Fifty Stories of the Quest. 2nd Edidtion. Schechter,
Harold. Semeiks, Joanna, Ed. New York: Oxford University Press, 1992. 3-10. Print.
The quest is about heroes and what they have to go through. The quest itself is a road one must
take in order to reach their destination and of course, in order to complete this mission, it will not
be easy. There are six basic things in a quest, which are the call, the other, the journey, helpers
and guides, the treasure, and the transformation. The call is their mission, whether someone
sends them on their journey, or they volunteer. Next comes the other, which is the opposite
gender of them, followed with the journey, which simply is the road they take. Then comes the
helpers and guides that help them along the journey. Finally there is the treasure, which is what
they gain at the end and the transformation: how they grew throughout the whole process and
become a better person.

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