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Modified Lesson Plan for EDUC 421: Lesson 4

Name: Amanda Cash

CCSS: RF.2.3. Reading Foundational Skills: Apply grade- level phonics and word analysis skills in
decoding words.
e. Identify words with inconsistent but common spelling-sound correspondences.
f. Recognize and read grade appropriate irregularly spelled words.

Data (source &

1. Data from lesson
2. Score
- Fluency rubric:
-level 2 for
-The reader has
increased to a level
two because she
seems more
confident and reads
with more fluency.
The reader did know
the majority of the
second grade sight
words from lesson



The reader does

not recognize high
frequency sight
words while

The reader does

not recognize high
frequency sight
words while
reading and often
miscues when
reading these
words. This affects
the fluency and
understanding of
the text.

Learning through
(sight words flash

EOL Assessment
This activity will use
repetitive flash card
drills to assess the
knowledge of basic
sight words. There
will be a stack of
cards the reader
knows immediately,
a stack the reader
hesitates but says
correctly, and a
stack the reader
does not know. I
will use the different
stacks of cards to
assess which words
the student knows
and does not know.

1. I do
Today we are going to work with sight words. These are high frequency words that you will
see a lot while reading. You did very well with the second grade sight words so today we
will work with third grade sight words!
2. We do
We will play a game using flash cards to practice with sight words. I will show you a
flash card and if you automatically know the word you can keep it in your pile. If you
kind of know a word and hesitate a little we will put it in a pile between us. If you do
not know a word I get to keep it in my pile. You want to get as many words as you
can in your pile.
We will continue to play the game several times until the student becomes more
familiar with the words.

You do
Now that you are familiar with the sight word cards you will read this book and look
for some of the sight words you learned from the cards. The cards will be laid out so
that you can see them. When you come across a sight word, point to the word on
the card and in the story.