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Table of Contents
Pg 1 Introduction
Pg 2 Inca architecture
Pg 3-4 Inca art 4-5
Pg 5 Fun facts/ Inca jewelry
Pg 6-7 Fun Facts

Inca art, jewelry, and
The Inca are a unique culture with a great sense of imagination. To
begin with, the Inca were great artists they were inspired easily a made
what they wanted to make. Also, they created jewelry with an
important meaning and used many different things to make their
jewelry. Finally, the Inca were rocking their stone houses and working
so hard to accomplish what they needed to do. The Inca were a
different race and had a great style in their jewelry, art, and

Inca Archtecture

By Logan Dineen, Aleks Howard, Yushi Morris

To begin with,
Inca architecture still has scientists mind blowing on how the Incas
couldve ever possibly built there buildings. For example, the rock
they used was so precisely cut and polished and smoothed that it fit
right into place like a puzzle (mayanincaaztec.org). Anyways the
Incas used whatever materials they could. For instance they used
different variations of stone. For example lime stone, granite and
just regular stone. Sometimes the Incas had to carry stone over 40
miles back and forth to build their buildings. It sucks though, because even though they carried stone
over 40 miles, their buildings lacked the fundamentals of basic building (prehistory.com). Mainly their
buildings lacked stability and balance. Also their building werent like tied down just randomly place, but
they enhanced with their skillful carving with the rocks going together like a puzzle made up for this. The
weird thing about their buildings was they used the Tiahuanacos building method. The Tiahuanacos
builders were excelling in modern day architecture for their time. The Incas built a temple so sacred that
the walls were made of a 1ft thick wall of gold (MrDonn.org). Questions you may still have
*Why did the Incas use a different cultures building method?
*What cultural was the Tiahuanacos?
*Why did they just use random stone?

Sites used for this information

(MrDonn.org) (

Variety = is a variety of objects

Fundamental = the basic or simple things of something
Enhance = to make something greate

Inca Fun Facts!!!

1. Even though it took many grueling years but , was worth it in the end
2. The stone they used was so precisely cut if fit right into place like a puzzle
3. The incas actually used a different cultures building method

Incan jewelry
Yushi Morris

To Incas, wealth of jewelry didnt matter, what mattered was the meaning of jewelry to them. First of
all, jewelry was most important because it was a significant marking for the gods (Inti). Incas used
jewelry for religious festivals. Incas made jewelry on a daily basis. When Inca make jewelry they used a
lot of natural resources such as Llama fur, Gold, Silver, Gemstones, Copper, feathers, seeds, and
seashells. Incas would make earrings, nose rings, necklaces, chest aprons, crowns, scandals, and bangles.
Earrings and nose rings were not pierced, they were used for pressure. Incas would decorate jewelry
with seeds, Gemstones, shells, and alpaca fibers. Armor was created by using copper. Jewelry to the
Incas represented braver. Incas used Gold because they thought it meant they were closer to their gods.
Incas even thought wearing lot of Gold meant they were blessed by their God. Jewelry to Inca had a lot
of meanings such as representing Gods. After all, Inca jewelry represented many meanings, especially
their Gods they worshipped.

Inti: the Sun God.

Gemstone: A piece of crystal that is
cut and polished.
Bangles: A ornament that most South
Asian woman wear.

In the article Fun Facts of The Incas says:

When a person died their Gold wasnt passed down, it was

buried with them

For religious ceremonies Incas would make amazing masks.

On the website Discover Peru-Incan Jewelry says:

The Spanish conquers melted the Incas jewelry and went back to Spain


In Addition, To the Inca art is like a way of life.
Now many Inca artifacts are treasure mostly the art. First,
the inspiration is mostly from Inca gods and goddesses
they have different art genres of art for different gods.
Second, they carved stone slabs for stronger art. Also, the
Inca considered clothing as art. Next, Inca art was different
from other cultures. First, the Inca put animal heads on
their pots they thought it was unique. Next, many religions
had their own types of art. Finally, they took time in their
pots and crafted them by hand. Finally, the art design is
very unique. To begin with the Inca used spiritual colors.
Then, inch had a love of pottery it was the main art when
the Inca were in the Andes. Finally they made jewelry daily
to show thanks to gods.
All and all, the Inca were an interesting race with a unique
way of life.


ARTIFACTS: a object built by special person

Religions: a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of
the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a
superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual
observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct
of human affairs.
Spiritual ;of or pertaining to sacred things or matters; religious;
devotional; sacred.


about inca from http://www.go-


The Incas created a highway and road system in

Peru with over 18,000 miles of roads.
Two types of ceramics were produced by the Inca
people. The ceremonial style of traditional
carefully crafted pieces and massive production
ceramics for day to day needs. They were very
simple geometrically but carvings and decoration
on each piece told a story with animal images and
pictures of daily activity
The Incas performed successful skull surgeries.
Deformed heads were beautiful to them.

What material was mostly used for jewelry?
(A) Beads
(B) Gold
(C) Alpaca Fibers
(D) Gemstone
What was this paragraph mostly about?
(A) South American Jewelry
(B) Incas
(C) Paintings
(D) Incan Jewelry
What did jewelry represent to the Incas?
(A) Happiness
(B) Being closer to their Gods
(C) Loyalty
(D) None of the above
How often did Incas create jewelry?
(A) Every day
(B) Once a week
(C) Every hour
(D) Once a while/ more than a month
Why werent the Incas nose ring and earrings actually pierced?
(A) Because some were young
(B) It hurt
(C) Could cause infection
(D) Shows strength
What did inca have different art designs for?
(A) Food

(B) Each other

(C) Gods and goddesses
(D) Spaniards
Why did the Incas use a different cultures building method?
What cultural was the Tiahuanacos?
Why did they just use random stone?
What Inca artifacts are mostly treasure now?
Why do you think Inca art is important to us now?

To conclude, the Incan forms of art made the Inca

unique from other races. First, the Inca made
jewelry for reasonable purposes. Especially during
religious holidays. Second, the Inca always showed
pride in their work, showing it off by always either
using it as dcor or by wearing it. Finally, the Inca
artwork was a practice in their village. Also the Incas
architecture was from taken from another culture
but, when they cut the stone it was precisely cut so
all the pieces fit together like a puzzle. Inca
architecture was so ahead of its time that it still has
scientist mind baffled to this day.