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EDUC 3200

Lesson Title: Cold War

Grade Level/Subject Area: 9th Grade Social Studies

State or National Standards (GPS or CCGPS): SSUSH20 The student will analyze the
domestic and international impact of the Cold War on the United States.
Essential Questions:
Why was the Cold War an Ideological Event?
What was the Cuban Missile Crisis?
How is the Korean War and Vietnam War apart of the Cold War?
Lesson Objectives:
The student will thoroughly understand the impact of the Cold War on the United
States, as well as understand the Korean and Vietnam War as a part of the Cold War.
Performance Objectives:
After the student has a understanding of the Cold War, they will take a quiz on the Cold
War, as well as participate in an interactive game on the Cold War with the class.

Technology Connections (Post related URLs): For this part of this lesson, I will be using SmartBoard technolog
based interactive lesson and game based on the Cold War. Found in the following link:
Materials: binder,notebook paper, pen or pencil, SmartBoard
Whole Group:
Class will be lectured on the Impact of the Cold War on the United States.
Small Group:
The class will separate into groups of 5 and work together on a Map of everywhere the
Cold War affected and or took place.
The individual student will work on a worksheet that deals with the Korean and Vietnam War as
of the Cold War.

Lesson Plan Template

EDUC 3200

Differentiation of Instruction:
Visual Learners: Will benefit from the interactive map on the SmartBoard, as well from the notes that com
from the power point.
Auditory Learners: Will benefit from the lecture. As well as from a short clip on the Cod War that will be g
through the SmartBoard.
Kinesthetic Learners: Will benefit from the interactive map that will be shown on the SmartBoard as well
from the interactive jeopardy game that will come at the end of class.

Additional Resources: Cold War video:


Directions for the Assessment: We will start by learning when and where the
Cold War took place. We will then move on to why and what kind of ideological
event that the Cold War was. Finally we will discuss the impact of the Cold War on
the United States.
Differentiation of Assessment: The students will be given a lecture on the
Cold War. They will complete an assignment in class over the cold war. The
students will complete an
Sample Assessment: Why was the Cold War and Ideological Event?
Answer: The Cold War is based around the Ideology of the Domino Theory.
American Policy makers in the post WWII era believed that if one country fell into
communist rule that they surrounding countries would fallow suit. Therefore all
countries who were under communist threat became an important location for the
United States and their Allies.

Lesson Plan Template

EDUC 3200



Student will effectively apply knowledge

learned in lesson today to written analysis as
well as texts he or she may have read on
their own time, demonstrating exceptional
knowledge and application to a variety of
literary works. Student is continually

Above Average:

Student demonstrates accurate

understanding of all concepts learned in
todays lesson via written assessment and
question. Student is continually engaged.


Student understands most concepts we

learned in todays lesson and is able to
apply knowledge as demonstrated in written
analysis, with a few minor errors. Student is
semi-engaged throughout lesson.

Below Average:

Student is only able to recite one or two

concepts from todays lesson. Student does
not demonstrate accurate grasp of

Lesson Plan Template

EDUC 3200
knowledge in written assessment. More
than five errors are found. Student is semiengaged throughout lesson.


Lesson Plan Template

Student clearly demonstrates he has no

understanding of concepts at all. Student is
unable to answer questions regarding
lesson, does not pay attention throughout
lesson, and fails to understand instructions
in written analysis.