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Herron 1

Jake Herron
Writing 1010-013
Nancy Roche
24 November 2014
Graphic Design
Every major or career has its own domain, which is filled with literacy practices, many of
which have been the same since the career or major began. However, graphic design rarely stays
the same for long. I interviewed a professor at the University of Utah and she will help us
understand more about the literacy of graphic design. We will hear the responses about Graphic
Designs evolvement from the head of the graphic design department, Carol Ann Sogard.
Graphic design is an area that is constantly changing with the passing of time.
Graphic design is a very adaptable field of study. There is an ongoing change in
technology, literature, and trends. With the progression of these areas, graphic design must adapt
with them in order to be successful. When the study and work for graphic design was introduced,
the change that was required to stay up to date with technology, literature and trends was very
frequent. Growth of computer technology (computer graphics and desktop publishing) has
dramatically changed the environment where the professional designer works. (Ellen Mazur
Thomas The Literature of Graphic Design)
Along with these variables, the location of the variable has an effect on the graphic
design. There are many places in the world where graphic design plays a larger role than others.
The design must appeal to those who are interested in the variables. When Professor Carol Ann
Sogard was asked about how the Graphic Design department has changed over the years, her

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response was as follows, Technology; designers are able to do so much more and create so
much more than when I was a college student.
The competition in graphic design seems to surpass the competition in many other areas.
Skill, creativity, and knowledge of the consumer/audience, are all required to be successful in
graphic design. Corporations will often hire more than one designer. These designers will try to
come up with the most successful design that is required for the corporation, thus creating a very
competitive environment. The domain is very competitive and the employer cannot always
depend solely on one graphic designer to pull through. Thus, multiple are often hired to give
multiple options to the employer.
Graphic design has many different areas that apply to the major. Advertising is where
graphic design is used very frequently because it includes all the variables and more. The
designer must be creative and think as a consumer would to design according to consumer
interests. This creates a very competitive domain where all the designers are trying to create the
more successful design. There are different fields where the consumers will be different and
different designs will be necessary for the best consumption.
In the ongoing expansion of business, one will always find some sort of graphic designer
involved in the business. The designer gives the business a way to catch the eye of consumers
and prompt them to purchase the product that the business is selling. An owner of a business or
corporation must choose designs he/she thinks will be most successful. However, not every
group of graphic designers will be pinned against each other. Professor Carol Ann Sogard tells us
about the importance of team work as well, An agency may work together to generate and
execute ideas. Some designers have different specialties. It depends on the project.

Herron 3

The road and experience needed to become a graphic designer are more difficult than
many people think. A graphic designer is not simply an illustrator. Graphic designers must go
through much more than just simply knowing how to draw. In the past 20 years, students of
visual communication have become interested in art produced for commercial purposes, and
mass consumption. (Ellen Mazur Thomas The Literature of Graphic Design) They must know
about communicating with the public and designing something appealing to them. Graphic
designers must learn multiple computer programs in order to create their designs depending on
the field that the design is in. Professor Sogard explained to me the different types of graphic
design offered at the University, editorial design, environmental design, packaging design,
advertising, branding, and press printing. In some cases, courses on global communication are
required in this field. Graphic design affects everyday life more and more as the years go by.
Despite competition, the Graphic design department is a very unique place to be. Every
student is involved. Most have computers or laptops and are almost always working on a project,
or experimenting with the given programs. Everyone in the Graphic Design program at the
University of Utah had to go through steps before they could be accepted. Every student must
apply in order to be admitted into the program, every student is trying to create something unique
and impressive to submit to the University for admittance into the program. There are strict art
qualifications and grades that need to be met. Those that are not accepted are encouraged to try
again. If they are again rejected, they are prompted to choose a different educational path.
Students and even professors use libraries as a resource for current trends, designs, and
advancements in technology. (Ellen Mazur Thomas The Literature of Graphic Design) There
are a few required text books for the design courses. One book written by Philip B. Meggs called
A History of Graphic Design has graphic design dating back to the ancient Egyptians. The

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Graphic Design was used to communicate images and visual messages. The book continues to
address modern day graphic design, touching on every key time period throughout the book.
According to Professor Sogard, students are also required to use different typography books to
assist them and help them understand graphic design better.
Graphic designs domains are not limited to a degree of formality. The social practices
involved can be formal and informal. Graphic design can be involved in both the most formal of
literature and some of the most informal. Graphic design is used in literature through books.
Books have been using graphic design for decades. Graphic designers for books can be normal
designers, not just strictly for book designing. (Ellen Mazur Thomas The Literature of Graphic
Design) Graphic designers are not limited to artwork in the book. Graphic designers maydo
more than just artwork. Graphic design can be how the literature is laid out to the reader. Putting
visual keys in places where information in emphasized.
As said before, there are many different possibilities for careers in the field of graphic
design. According to a quote by Professor Sogard regarding the different opportunities offered at
the University, editorial design, environmental design, packaging design, advertising, branding,
and press printing, it is clear how many possibilities are available. Each field of design has a
different domain and set of literacy practices, they all correlate with different methods of graphic
design but are all still related because of the large role graphic design plays in each setting.
Editorial design is the branch from graphic design that pertains to book designing and
getting a set of literature across to the reader in the best way possible. Environmental design is
more associated with the outdoors. They do more designing for buildings and outdoor areas such
as parks. Packaging design is when the graphic artist tries to make products more appealing to
the consumer through creative designing of the package or how it is presented. They must have

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knowledge of materials and manufacturing to help them. Those involved in branding will have to
be creative to design a logo that will be the face of a brand. Not only do they have to be creative
but they have to get to know the audience, the business, and the message that is trying to be
portrayed. Printing Designers must be able to design artwork that can be printed onto something
such as a shirt or newspaper. They must use their knowledge of art and business to design
something that will draw the consumers eye.
Graphic design has many different social practices that are exercised through each
separate graphic design program. The literacy involved is very complex and those who are not in
graphic design may not be familiar with the literacy used. Over time, being in the domains where
the literacy is used, one will eventually be able to interact with those in his/her domain. As
graphic design progresses over time, the literacy practices involved will adapt to fit the situation
and so will everyone involved in the domain.
Graphic design is very valued and used in everyday life. The details of graphic design
that are not publically known need to be taught to those who are uneducated in the field whether
they are interested in being a graphic designer or not. Once involved in the graphic design
program, one will become accompanied to the literacy practices in the domain in which they
enter. The career possibilities are endless and there can be a career in graphic design for any
interest. It is a very important field that deserves to be acknowledged for the importance it has on
the ongoing change in the world.