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Seth Webster

Professor Padgett
UWRT 1101
Personal Interpretive Essay
After reading the Alexie essay I have decided that people shouldn’t pick the easiest route,
because success is the product of determination. While I read the story of Alexie’s past I was
able to deeply understand his struggles. Not everyone is able to experience the hardship of that
Alexie was faced with, and I am not referring to the poverty he lived in. Instead I think more of
the pressure he faced from the rest of the world, a world that wants to see you amount to little or
nothing at all. I feel that this was a terrible path for any child to walk, especially in a country that
is known for allowing people to try and succeed. Even though I feel that the story is meant to
have a positive message I can’t help to see the real underlying tragedy. Through all of the
personal triumphs that Alexie had I still could not get over the fact that there was a greater power
trying to bottle up his progress. With every milestone he passed, there stood society, but not with
open arms and rejoice instead he was looked down upon asked to extinguish his passion.
This seemed to go against everything I was taught as a child. Growing up, I was given
praise and support for my accomplishments; it seemed that everyone that surrounded me wanted
to see me succeed. This is why it is so hard for me to think that a whole society is contempt with
being looked down upon. Today, I think of myself as a strong individual that has firm beliefs and
a strong moral fiber, I also believe in myself and my ideas. But after reading Alexie’s story I

When Alexie said “that a smart Indian boy was dangerous”. The hard truth is that it is difficult to reteach an entire group of people something that they have been brought knowing for generations. When I was younger I was constantly being type casted for being affiliated with a particular group of people. even known for my faith. but after further examination I realized that I had been given that determination from my supportive parents and peers. it is hard to say how much of my own success. and that’s what makes the smart boy dangerous. so makes the seemingly endless cycle of stereotypes. If I was thrown into the same life as Alexie. I wanted to know how much I had actually accomplished due to my initiative. This is hard for someone to think about but I asked myself if I honestly thought that I would be able to overcome the same monolithic obstacle that Alexie faced. actually was a direct result of my skills. and I know the power that stereotypes can have over an individual. After questioning my own past and how much of it I can contribute to my own determination. And the stereotype has nothing to do with the fact of the person’s actual intelligence. and after I was left questioning every major event in my life. And with all of those groups come certain stereotypes. Throughout my life I was known for being a certain race. It was a tough pill to swallow. I believe he was referring to the fact that it went against the stereotype that Native Americans were meant to be ignorant. When Alexie spoke of how his people were stereotyped by outsiders and themselves. It was hard for me to look past those stereotypes after constantly hearing them from . I found this both interesting and relatable. it just scares people when something doesn’t go according to plan.can’t help to wonder if I would be the same person if I grew up in his environment. My whole life I have been a part of many distinct groups or cultures. things might have turned out different for me. or from living in a particular region in the country. It was easy for me to say that everything I succeeded in was due to my personal determination.

with the harmful power that stereotypes can have over people comes an even sweeter taste of victory when you overcome those stereotypes. Because just like Alexie I did not allow the stereotypes to limit me forever. eventually I overcame the barriers of stereotypes and became a stronger person in the process. this proved to me the true power of determination and the importance it played both in my life and Alexie’s life. But.people who had no idea what they were talking about. By ignoring the cruelty of stereotypes I became the proud man I am today. does not mean I have to act that way. comes a gift that strengthens people. and even though I knew they were lies I began to believe some myself. After I realized that just because other people thought I should behave a particular way. . With hard work and the ability to look beyond what others think about you. Through reading the Alexie essay I was able to understand through a different perspective the power of overcoming stereotypes. and not giving in and taking the road everyone expects you to take. This gift allows people to persevere and gives them the determination to shatter the idea of stereotypes.

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