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Ray Velasco

Traditional Prenatal Beliefs

Limited activity during pregnancy, rest as much as

If mother attended a funeral, spirits may possess
Dont wear anything around the neck, might indicate
umbilical cord wrapping around babys neck.
No tight-fitting clothing may cause disability in baby
No jumping may cause miscarriage
If mother sees a handicap person or animal-may lead
to fetal deformities
Coconut oil applied to stomach to prevent stretch

Prenatal Eating Habits

Satisfy all food cravings to give fetus good health
Avoid dark foods (eg chocolate), baby may be be born dark skinned

Eat slippery foods (soups, raw eggs) near term to facilitate baby

slipping through the birth canal

Eating calamasi will give baby smooth complexion
Eating balut will make baby hairy

Determining Sex


Sour food cravings

Sweet food cravings

Belly is pointy and set

Belly is rounder and

Beautiful throughout
Steps with left foot

set lower
Appears to lose
beauty (acne, stretch
marks, etc)
baby girl is taking all
her beauty.
Steps with right foot

Labor and Delivery

No eating during labor
Walk to promote dilation of cervix
The women endured pain silently
Noise kept at minimum intensify labor pains
Vaginal birth expected but c-section ok if indicated
Take home, put in jar and buried with dictionary and

pencils-intelligent child
Umbilical cord kept in kitchen to promote good
health/long life


Bed rest encouraged for 1 week PP

Avoid cold drinks and exposure to cold weather

Eat soups - promote lactation

Cloth tied around hip to bring hips back to prepregnancy size

No bathing for 10 days PP

Pericare with mild soap, warm water, vinegar
Sit in bucket of boiled guava leaves (antibacterial, anti-inflammatory) to
promote healing of perinium and relieve pain (Filipino sitz bath)

Baby care
Whole family involved with care but mom is main caregiver (Flip

culture-family oriented)
Traditional Filipino- male circumcision done at puberty
Breastfeeding expected
Birth of baby celebrated with a family party
1st birthday parties = huge celebration
If problem theres a problem with baby, best consult father first
before breaking news to mother. Physician must be the one who
informs her.

Teaching Plan
Balanced diet- dont eat everything in sight.

Use stainless steel cookware if using Filipino sitz

bath. Aluminum may have chemical reaction with

guava leaves.
Know s/sx of allergies. Some pts may be allergic
to certain leaves
NO raw eggs = salmonella!