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November 10, 2014

To whom it may concern:

I have known Christine Groh for 4 months as the college supervisor to her student teaching field experience. I have
observed her teach multiple math classes at different grade levels and can attest to her teaching efficacy and talents.
Though Christine is a first year teacher, she has skills beyond what one would expect of a first year teacher. She has
excellent classroom management skills she circulates through the class making sure that students are focused, on task,
and can answer questions as they crop up. She respectfully calls class to attention and checks for understanding using
various techniques, and she is able to control for unruly behavior without breaking a sweat.
Her content knowledge is strong, and her ability to convey this knowledge is pedagogically sound, technically adept and
in-line with the 21st century skills outlined by the CDE. I have observed her teach using the SMART board, an interactive
activity and in a traditional manner. All of these times the content was mastered by the students and they felt proud of
their efforts.
Christine is open to feedback, and quickly adjusts her lessons to accommodate this feedback. When I first observed her,
her positive reinforcement statements were lacking. When I last saw her teach, she was offering encouraging
statements at a ratio of 4 to 1. This was an amazing improvement. Additionally, I had asked her to try to do a quick
assessment at the end of the period, and the next time I watched her teach she had incorporated a quick assessment as
a part of her practice. Perhaps the most important skill for a new teacher to have is to be open to feedback and try new
techniques Christine does both of these tasks with excellence.
It is clear from watching her teach that Christine is a born teacher. She already possesses the skills beyond her
experience. Her experience in coaching basketball, volunteering with the Boys and Girls Club, working with Upward
Bound and completing her practicum hours in a variety of settings had readied her for the classroom there is no doubt
with her own classroom that Christine will shine. I have no qualms recommending her for a teaching position, and
welcome any questions you have regarding such a fantastic candidate.

Leslie Goldstein, MA
Senior Lecturer, Freshman Math Program