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Dear Ms.

Over the course of this semester I ponder about myself as a writer. English 120 has
provided me with tools for success on not only how to be a better writer, but a better
reader as well. In past courses I have taken such classes as English 352 and philosophy,
which required students to already understand the foundation and basic principles to their
specific course outcomes. Although I got by in these upper division courses, I believe it
all starts in English 120, where one can really define himself or herself as an adequate
In an English 120 course, students often lack the simplest concept of analyzing
rhetorical situations. This outcome has transformed me into a better writer on how to
properly analyze an essay. I have also gained a better insight on knowing who my
audience is. From here I was able to create the genre for my essay to determine the
document and purpose. For project 1, I learned that analyzing the text in a way I had not
before looked at made a huge impact when structuring my research paper. For this project
I had to closely focus on education and discuss it. I chose the rhetorical approach in the
forms of egos, pathos, and logos in order to pull in my given audience. As a college
student, I expect students and teachers get a sense of my rhetorical frame. For project 2 I
wrote about Bill Clinton's big ideas that he had at a conference. I primarily focused on
female education around the world. For the president to come up with idea that might
sound good in a one-dimensional setting, I refuted Clinton's idea with facts. Analyzing
what Clinton had to say gave me an idea on how to make my project stand out while
winning my audience over. For project 3 is very personal since it focuses around the
premise of education. The rhetorical approach was to convince my audience how
education should be freely used and should not be conformed in anyway. The purpose of
my project is to show how education can be obtained through different views being
applied by different methods. Using multimedia helped my project by pinpointing the key
concepts used.
Finding and evaluating information has become a skill that I never learned in
upper English courses, because I only had one attempt to write a final paper. With finding
and evaluating information, I have learned to collaborate with my peers receiving positive
and negative feedback. With this feedback I have gained a skill that I have never had
before, which has resulted in better performance through my writing. In project 1, I
carefully researched information that I could use to help make my readers more inclined
with interest. To my own curiosity, I dug deep into the libraries at my university seeking
only the finest sources. In project 2, I mainly researched for facts to back up my claims on
the rebuttal of Clinton's claims. I researched blogs and online articles to find support that
made my article stand out. For project 3 I decided to use what we learned in class by
sharing the different views of education from Gandhi and Rousseau. By incorporating
these perspectives into my project I also gathered information from personal experiences.
Through writing you are required to provide various sources to help aid as
evidence to prove such arguments. Through this course I have learned that composing
documents is a major skill to utilize because without research it yields a weak paper.
While learning how to compose documents I have learned how to focus on main points
and examine these points thoroughly. Evidence based text is something that all writers

should have as a skill and use it respectively. In my essay for project 1, I made an
intellectual discussion about Plato and concluded it so my intended audience understood
the whole logic behind my discussion. I also let the media part of my project take over as
an aid to help shape my project. This allowed me to have fun with it as well as give a
quick analysis on the thesis of my essay. For project 2 I have never done a blog or a
newsletter theme, I added my own opinions with backed up sources. I also added pictures
to get my audience to be able to stay interested in my article. The best way I composed a
document for project 3 was to construct a power point presentation that analyzes a brief
outlook on different views of education. This helped me structure my essay on my
educational manifesto.
A most recent outcome that I have learned through philosophy was presenting
documents. The difference from any philosophy course that I have learned in English 120
is that there are a variety of strategies that one may use when delivering your message in
your own unique way. During the revision process of project 1, I took great consideration
of my what my peers had say. Taking in the input of my peers regardless if it was positive
or constructive, this helped me present my research paper. I scrapped the original idea I
had for Plato's Cave and focused the premise of education in my paper. For project 2, I
had to use more multimedia sources and visual aids to help present this project in a clear
precise manner. My initial argument was going to be based on the No Child Left Behind
Act, which I thought I would have hit a home run with this project. Or project 3, I
presented my documents by adding power point presentation as well as a YouTube video
depicting the points of my educational manifesto. I added bullet points to give a quick
analysis of the different viewpoints of education. I also added pictures to give it a more
visual outlook.
Finally, my last outcome for English 120 has resulted in reflection. Because I have
gained vast knowledge of different outcomes, I have evolved as a writer over the course
of the semester. Learning how to write in multiple genres has really been an experience
that will lead me into such great heights for future English courses.
Keith Lujan