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Jessica Chalupa

Grade: 4th
Cooperating Teacher: Mrs. Van Zandt
Comic Strip Quotations

Date: November 4, 2014

Time: 1:30p.m.-2:30p.m.

Essential Question: Where in sentences do quotation marks go? Does punctuation go on the
inside or outside of the quotation marks?
Standard: 4.2.b
Learning Objectives and Assessments:
Learning Objective
Students will be able to identify where
quotation marks and punctuation of a sentence
are located.

Students will use comic strips worksheets to
identify and rewrite sentences for each cartoon

Students will be able apply their use of

quotation marks and punctuation to their own
personal narratives.

Students will go back to their narratives and

correct any quotation marks and punctuation

Materials: Charlie Brown comic strip power point, comic strip worksheets, comic strips, and
personal narratives.
Prior Knowledge: The students will have already used quotes in personal narratives.
Hook: Reading Charlie Brown comic strip.
Instructional Plan:
After the hook, the teacher will use the Charlie Brown comic strip to explain quotations and
punctuation marks.

The students will be split up into groups where they will move to different stations and
using different comic strips at each station, will identify and write the different quotes
from the comic strips.

Differentiation: The teacher will provide the students a sample comic strip to look at with their
worksheet. The teacher will also provide students with a set on instructions on how to identify a
quote and where to put the proper punctuation.
Questions: Where are quotation marks needed in a sentence? Are such punctuation marks like a
comma, question mark, period, or exclamation mark used inside or outside of quotation marks?
Classroom Management: The teacher will gain their attention with having a Charlie Brown
comic strip on the board and begin the lesson on proper quotation markings. The teacher will

also have set groups ahead of time for stations so students can transition easier. Students will
have that peer to peer contact allowing them to identify the quotation sentences a little easier.
There will be a time limit restriction for each comic strip.
Transition: The teacher will have a timer to help keep the activity short as well as fit in enough
time for correcting the personal narratives. Students will have 5 minutes of an opening, 30
minutes for stations, 25 minutes for personal narratives.
Closure: The teacher will give an exit ticket where students will place quotation marks and
punctuation in the appropriate place.