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Shelby McGarry
Mrs. Petty
December 9, 2014
Texting while driving
Texting and driving is very dangerous, in a matter of seconds looking down to
read a message sent from a loved one or a friend can take your life. So many people
nowadays text and drive with carelessness. It has become a day-to-day routine and
it must stop, because lives are being lost from having the world at your fingertips.
Overall, Texting and driving can be a big distraction, can cause accidents, and even
take lives.
Texting is a huge distraction while driving from changing the music on Pandora,
to texting back a friend and looking down at your phone for a few seconds can take
away your life forever. The number one rule when driving is never take your eyes
off the road, because when you do for a couple of seconds it can end your life. As Mr.
Borgard states in his article, Cell Phone Use is a Danger to Others is that In our
society, where egotism and greed are valued, people only think about themselves
and their own safety and tend to forget that they have a responsibility to keep
others safe as well. (Mark Borgard)
More car accidents nowadays are caused by drivers that are texting and/or
distracted by their phones, rather then drunk drivers. Car accidents cannot only
total your car, but it can also endanger other people around you. In addition,
nowadays phone companies provided the precise time when a call was placed

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(dialing task) or received (answering task), the length of time on the phone
(conversing task), and the time at which the phone call was completed (hanging up
task) as it states in Cell Phone Use and Crash Risk.
From young to old many people have been killed because of distracted
drivers on their phones, instead of paying attention to the road. Simply taking two
seconds can take away a life. People have become so selfish that they will risk others
lives to send a quick message to a friend on via text message. In addition, it doesnt
matter how experienced you are you should never pick up your phone while driving
because you are risking your life and more importantly others around you.
All in all, texting and driving can be very dangerous. Texting while driving
can be very distracting, it can cause you to look away from the road. Sometimes if it
is an argument you can be too involved with it and it can be distracting when
driving, and can cause you to create road rage. Driving while intoxicated is not the
only form of negligent driving, but even taking the 2.5 seconds to look down at your
phone or pick it up could not only end your life but cause repercussions for your
family and loved ones.

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