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16 Lawn Street Apt. B, Boston, MA 02120 | 480-274-5262 | matthewsean.thorpe@gmail.com
MCPHS University
Doctor of Pharmacy (Candidate)

Anticipated Graduation 2015

Arizona State University

B.S. Exercise and Wellness


Estrella Mountain Community College

Associate of Science


Glendale Community College

Associate of General Studies


Pharmacy Intern-APPE Ambulatory Care Rotation, Harvard Vanguard Medical Ass., Beverly, MA.
Preceptor: Kathy Zaiken, 978-927-4110
March 2014 May 2014
(To be completed)
Pharmacy Intern-APPE Community Rotation, Walgreens, Waltham, MA.
Preceptor: Amee Mistry, 617-732-2832

February 2014 March 2014

(To be completed)

Pharmacy Intern-APPE Elective Rotation, Dana Farber Cancer Institution, Boston, MA.
Preceptor: Victor Phantumvanit, 617-632-4454
January 2014 February 2014
(To be completed)
Pharmacy Intern-APPE Internal-Medicine Rotation, St. Lukes Hospital, New Bedford, MA.
Preceptor: Michael Angelini, 617-732-2821
September 2014 October 2014
Reviewed patients history and medication list and compared it to clinical journal research and guidelines.
Participated in rounds and made recommendations on patients medication regimen based on medical history.
Facilitated and formulated questions for a journal club meeting.
Pharmacy Intern-APPE Institutional Rotation, Steward Merrimack Valley Hospital, Haverhill, MA.
Preceptor: Anne Selig, 978-521-8500
June 2014 August 2014
Checked and filled trays for refilling the Omni-cell machines for each floor of the hospital.
Participated with clinical pharmacist on rounds in which we reviewed antibiotic and anticoagulant therapies.
Assisted in the process of the hospital transitioning to new policy and procedure for the merging of companies.
Pharmacy Intern-APPE Internal-Medicine Rotation, Milford Regional Medical Center, Milford, MA.
Preceptor: Sue Otocki, 508-422-2422
May 2014 June 2014
Reviewed patients medication list to ensure proper dosage, frequency and duration while staying in the hospital floor.
Rounded with medical team to visit patients to see if they are experiencing any side effects or feel no improvements
with the current medication regimen.
Evaluated patients lab charts and values to see if medications where in proper medication index range and made
recommendations to doctors if any changes were needed.


Pharmacy Intern-IPPE Institutional Rotation, Bedford VA Medical Center, Bedford, MA.

July 2013
Preceptor: Hansa P. Joshi, 781-687-2210
Prepared medication orders and filled the carts for the floors.
Restocked shelves with medications and refilled ScriptPro machine with vials and the top 200 medications used in the
Participated in daily rounds with Pharmacists in the Diabetic Clinic and Coumadin Clinic.
Assisted Pharmacists in the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee by creating a Naltrexone Medical Alertness card to
inform emergency medical teams that the patient was either on oral or injection formulation.
Pharmacy Intern-IPPE Community Rotation, Medi-Son Solutions, Norwood, MA. November 2012 January 2013
Preceptor: Son Dinh, 617-934-5918
Compounded unusual drug therapy items for patients by following the procedure and formula for making the
Inputted patient information into the computer databases, learned drug facts and generic equivalents, filled
prescriptions with the correct medications, and completed the IPPE community workbook.
Executed daily duties such as cleaning compounding equipment, answered phone calls, and assisting patients.

Dana Farber Cancer Institution, Pharmacy Technician, Boston, MA.
Contact: Phuong Nguyen (781)929-7917
Process third-party insurance claims
Fill prescriptions
Transcribe phone orders from physicians
Compound chemotherapy drug items
Aseptically prepared sterile intravenous products
Clean and sterilize compounding hood
Check in stock orders
Replenish pharmacy supplies
Operate cash register

June 2013 - Present

Frys Marketplace (Kroger Corporation), Certified Pharmacy Technician, Tempe, AZ.

Contact: Kathryn Labbe (480)752-9733
Processed third-party insurance claims
Filled prescriptions
Ordered and checked in stock
Assisted the Pharmacists with the Schedule II medication record keeping and
Replenished pharmacy supplies
Operated cash register

March 2006 July 2011

Rehab Plus (Physical Therapy Clinic), Intern, Phoenix, AZ

January 2009 May 2009
Contact: Mitch Bruning (602)954-2229
Completed 400 internship hours - required credit for Spring 2009 ASU catalog course EXW 484
Performed hands on training with the physical therapist
Stretched out and made exercise routines for clients
Aided with basic administration duties
Answered phone lines
Cleaned up after sessions
Organized and arranged client appointments



Arizona State Board of Pharmacy, Pharmacy Intern
Massachusetts Board of Registration of Pharmacy, Pharmacy Intern
Arizona State Board of Pharmacy, Licensed Technician
Pharmacy Technician Certification Board, Certified Pharmacy Technician

April 2012 April 2017

October 2011 October 2016
March 2006 July 2011
March 2006 July 2011

Phi Lamba Sigma, Member
American College of Clinical Pharmacy, Member
Massachusetts Pharmacist Association
Executive Officer: Academy Governor of Pharmacy Students
Student National Pharmaceutical Association
Executive Officer: Fundraiser Coordinator
Executive Officer: Co-President/Treasurer
American Pharmacist Association-Academy of Student Pharmacists
Executive Officer: Student Political Action Network Liaison
Executive Officer: Operation Immunization Coordinator
American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, Member

February 2014 - Present

September 2013 - Present
September 2012 - Present
September 2013 - October 2014
September 2012 - Present
September 2012 May 2012
September 2013 - May 2014
September 2011 - Present
September 2012 May 2012
September 2013 - May 2014
September 2011 - Present

Medication Reconciliation
Pharmacy discussion
St. Lukes Hospital
New Bedford, MA
Effect of quetiapine XR on depressive symptoms and sleep quality
compared with lithium in patients with bipolar depression
Journal Club discussion
St. Lukes Hospital
New Bedford, MA

October 2014

October 2014

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

Pharmacy Rounds
Steward Merrimack Valley Hospital
Haverhill, MA

August 2014

Actions and Classifications of antiarrhythmic drugs

Medical Rounds
Milford Regional Medical Center
Milford, MA

June 2014

Ventricular-associated pneumonia: When to considerate and How to treat it

Medical Rounds
Milford Regional Medical Center
Milford, MA

June 2014

Reglan caused body-like rash for patient,

what are the 2 and 3 line therapy for Diabetic Gastroparesis

May 2014


Medical Rounds
Milford Regional Medical Center
Milford, MA


Transfer Student Association
Executive Officer: Vice-President
Boston Medical Reserve Corps, Member

September 2012 - Present

September 2012 - May 2014
July 2012 - Present


American Pharmacist Association-Academy of Student Pharmacist
Annual Conference, Orlando, FL
Midyear Regional Meeting Region 1 and 2, Washington, D.C.
Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA
Midyear Regional Meeting Region 1, Stamford, CT

March 2014
November 2013
March 2013
November 2012

Massachusetts Pharmacists Association

New England Pharmacists Annual Convention, Ledyard, CT
New England Pharmacists Annual Convention, Ledyard, CT

October 2014
September 2013


Peru Medical Mission Trip
May 2013
Brought medical supplies to the clinic and hospitals. Performed blood pressure and blood glucose screening to the
patients at the clinic and hospital.
Arizona State University Deans List
Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

September 2007 May 2009

September 2004 May 2005


MPhA: Face of Pharmacy Event

March 2014
o Organized a three school event to advocate for student pharmacist immunizers and pharmacist to be
recognized as healthcare providers.
APhA-ASP: Walgreens Senior day
November 2013/February 2014
SNPhA: Joslin Diabetes GALA Event
November 2013
APhA-ASP: MCPHS University Halloween Event
October 2013
o Made and designed activities for children to play during the event.
APhA-ASP: MCPHS University Flu Clinic
October 2013
APhA-ASP: Operation Immunization Committee Meetings
September 2013 February 2014
o Discussed, organized and planned events for the school year.
October 2013
o Help raised funds that goes towards research to finding a cure for Type 1 diabetes
APhA-ASP/MPhA: Visited State Senators
April 2013


To advocate for S.995 which would allow Pharmacy Interns during their rotations to immunize patients and H.
2060 that recognize pharmacist as healthcare providers
APhA-ASP: MCPHS University Health Fair at Sheehy Park in Mission Hill
April 2013
o Handed out pamphlets to patients about Diabetes, How to Achieve a Healthier Lifestyle, and Heart Burn.
APhA-ASP: Organize a tour of the State House
April 2013
o In which we learned about the history and the legislative process
SNPhA: Wal-Mart Health Fair
March 2013/April 2013
o Did patient blood pressure screening and offered advice to patients on improving their lifestyles.
APhA-ASP: Boston Children Museum
March 2013 -2014
o Developed an immunization game for children and had a mini-golf game that represented the esophagus and
stomach for acid reflux education. Handed out information about vaccines to parents.
APhA-ASP: Self Care Tour de Health Food Sampler
February 2013
o Showed students how to have healthier lifestyle
SNPhA: Blood pressure screening training
February 2013
o Assisted in training 2 and 3 year students on how to do manual blood pressure screening
APhA-ASP: Winter Walk 2012
December 2012/2013
o To help end homelessness in Boston
SNPhA: Creating Futures Event at MCPHS
December 2012
o Provided elementary students the opportunity to learn what pharmacists do in the healthcare setting.
SNPhA: World Diabetes Day
November 2012
o Promoted awareness about diabetes
APhA-ASP: Presidential Viewing Party
November 2012
o Hosted a viewing occasion for the presidential election
ASHP: Participated and won 1 place in the ASHP Pharmacy Olympics
November 2012
SNPhA: Boston Kidney Walk
October 2012/2013
o To fight against Kidney disease

APhA-ASP: Participated in the Be Bold, Be Bald!

o By wearing a bald cap to support fighting against cancer.

APhA-ASP: Voter Registration Drive

October 2012
o Provided an opportunity to register to vote for the presidential election
SNPhA: Fundraiser Event
September 2012/October 2012/November 2012
December 2012/March 2013/November 2013/February 2014
APhA-ASP: Boston Heart Walk
September 2012
o To bring awareness to cardiovascular disease

October 2012

APhA-ASP: Fundraiser Event for the Boston Heart Walk

September 2012
APhA-ASP: Ice Cream Social
September 2012/September 2013
o The executive board meets and greets its members by serving them ice cream
APhA-ASP: Volunteer at the Summer Magic Event at Joslin Diabetes Center
July 2012
APhA-ASP: Mission Hill Health Fair
June 2012
o Tested patients blood pressure and blood glucose, explained what the readings of the test where to the
patients and offered advice on ways to prevent diabetes and lower high blood pressure
APhA-ASP: East Boston High School Health Fair
May 2012
o Volunteered to spread the word about diabetes and high blood pressure to the students
APhA-ASP: Project Breads, Walk for Hunger
May 2012
APhA-ASP: MCPHS Health Fair
April 2012
o Promoted heartburn awareness and public knowledge about immunizations
SNPhA: World Health Day volunteer

April 2012/2013/2014


APhA-ASP: Red Dress Ball for the American Heart Association

o Promote awareness of cardiovascular diseases that affect women

APhA-ASP: Patient Counseling Contest

November 2011
o Participated in the contest to test and hone skills on counseling patients on their medication by competing
against other student pharmacists of all levels. I was one of the two third-year student pharmacists to compete.

APhA-ASP: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, National Take Back Initiative October 2011/April 2012
o Volunteered at hospital to spread the word about how to properly dispose of prescription medication and to
count, record, and dispose of outdated prescription medication from patients that wanted their prescriptions
disposed of.
APhA-ASP: American Diabetes Association, Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes
October 2011

February 2011 and March 2013


Boston MRC class

April 2013, 2014
o Learned about the Emergency Tracking System that they used during the Boston marathon and Flu clinics.
Boston Marathon
April 2013, 2014
o Volunteered to keep track of runners who wanted to seek medical attention after their run.
MS walk
April 2013, 2014
o To promote the awareness of multiple sclerosis and fundraise for more research into it.
Designed t-shirts for APhA-ASP and Peru Medical Mission Trip
January 2013
Boston MRC class
January 2013
o Promoting Resiliency in an Emergency: Psychological First Aid
MCPHS Open House
November 2012 November 2014
o Talked to high school students about organization at MCPHS
AIDS Walk and 5K Run Boston
June 2012
TSA Fundraiser Event
November 2012
Oxfam Hunger Banquet
November 2011