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Why Were The Missiles Put There

Criteria For The Most Plausible:

Benefit The USSR/Cuba

Some Sort of Advantage United States
Not An Immediate Cause Of War

Top Four Reasons:

The most plausible reasons for Khrushchev pacing nuclear missiles in Cuba are to balance the
power between the Soviet Union and the United States, to threaten the United States, to take a
stand against the Capitalist enemy, stronger bargaining position. Firstly the United States had
nuclear missiles stationed in Turkey, which posed a threat to the Soviet Union. As a direct result
of this the Soviet Union wanted to somehow rebalance the power with the United States,
therefore they placed nuclear missiles in Cuba. Secondly, stationing nuclear missiles in Cuba,
gives the Soviet Union a bargaining chip to use in diplomatic talks with the United States;
somehow they could use the threat, or the removal of the nuclear missiles as an advantage over
talks with the United States. Thirdly, the nuclear missiles stationed in Cuba would stop the
Americans from invading the Soviet Union or their allies Cuba, securing the communist
countries for the time being. Lastly, the image of the Soviet Union would improve with the
world knowing that they have the power of nuclear missiles and have ample opportunity to use
them showcasing their power.