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es THE BEST OF mmm ocs Ne AY Evers A Spec ea aaa THE BEST OF artha Mier A Special Collection of 7 Intermediate Favorite Piano Solos Martha Mier’s sheet music solos have become student favorites over the years. Her love of teaching, combined with her talent for composing, has produced many pieces that appeal to students of all ages. This special collection includes some of Martha's personal favorite and best-selling sheet music solos. Each piece is a special treat. Turn the page and find out why everyone loves the music of Martha Mier. Contents Autumn Glow Dance of the Scarecrow..... Fountain of Dreams..... Indian Serenade ..... No BR OW’ ‘Megan's Song Memories .. Whistlin’ Joe. eS Copyright © MCMXCV| by Alfred Publishing Co., Ine. All rights reserved. Printed in USA. Cove ort: Franz Marc, Garman, 1880-1916, The Bewiched Mil oon cones, 1913, 190.2 91.1 em “Anu Jrome Eddy Mameril Clon, 1951.522; photograph © 1995 The Art stu of Chzogo Cover design Ted Eagalbort Manic engraving: Tom Garou BOOK 3 4. Autumn Glow Moderato Martha Mier 5 2 Sva-5 loco XN Whistlin’ Joe . Martha Mier Moderato, with a swing (7=]'}) RH 3. f Indian Serenade Martha Mier Gently 1 3 —— mp nf ————— | ¢ 7 y i 15 a tempo 3 2 1 4 2 3 mf P mp rit. A Do 18] = 3 34 21 53 - pp molto rit. 10 Dance of the Scarecrow Martha Mier Moderato, with a swing (I=) 2) > he feels tha jazz-y beat, and see the | scare-crow dance, he stats to | wig-gle his feet... his straw is py shirt and | bag-gi -est pants... has blowa his oS crese. fall-ing apart, He's | danc-in’ round the field with a] song in, his heart, hat on the ground, A | grin is on his face while he's | jazz-in’ a round! u i [The Scarecrow dances] : 1 T 5 3 molto rit. (play eighth nots evenly) for Magan Elisabeth Megan’s Song Gently : m_ Martha Mier 12 a tempe Fountain of Dreams Martha Mier Gently flowing (= ca. 104) Sva------4 Li over Lit over g 1 Zee oY 42 atempo wm] tempo 2 a tempo 17] LHover LH over 1 33] a tempo g 37] tempo 2 3B 2 2 Menno = molto rit, 2