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AE 463

Given: 12.12.2013
Due: 19.12.2013 till 10:40 a.m.
Submit to: Emre Can Suimez (Office 009)

1. Consider the double pendulum given below. Obtain the equations of motion and then
linearize them by assuming that 1(t) and 2(t) are small. Present your answer in
matrix form. Then, let m1=m2=m. L1=L2=L and calculate the natural frequencies and
natural modes. Plot the modes.

2. Determine the natural frequencies and modes of the vibration of the system given
below for the parameters m1=m2=m. L1=L2=L3=L. Present your answer in matrix
form. Then obtain the response to the initial excitation x1(0)=1, x2(0)= -1,
dx1(t)/dt=dx2(t)/dt=0 at t=0.

3. For the system of gears mounted on shafts, radii of gears A and B are related by
RA/RB = n. Derive the differential equations for the torsional motion of the system.
Present your answer in matrix form. Hint: You need to find the torsional stiffness k for
the shafts as well.