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Name : Mohd Zulhelmi B Muhamad (BA12110233)

: Suhaila Bt Awang (BA12110488)

: Swarna Nair A/P G. Sagaran (BA12160625)

What is..???
Proprietary Technologies
Known as Closed sources
Infrastructure Technologies
Known as Open Sources
Is software for which the source code is open and
available to everyone.

Proprietary Technologies @ close

Propritary Windows, Mac OS, Microsoft, Adobe

Photoshop and many more

Cost- Price is at premium
Source Code- Usually locked, cannot be altered
Malware- Notorious in Window OS and many close
Source sofware, back door access
Majority of home and businesses use closed source
Licensing- must Register with software vendor

Infrastructure Technologies @
Open Sources Sofware (OSS)
Pros- can run just about any hardware device given.
Cons- lack of drivers for certain devices. (eg: Linux

based OS)
Cost- Usually free, but there are some exceptions
Licensing- Unlimited
Source Code-Free, Available to general public.
Malware- Little to one.
Not many home and businesses use Open Source

Advantage of Closed Sources

Less confusion for customer
Unified experience
More Profitable

Open Sources
Larger Developer Support
More secure

Extended Community Support