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I'M OLD FASHIONED 223 A Jerome Kern/Mercer 1942 F6 D-?7 G-7? c7__—~*FA7_—~D-7 G7 C7_—«éBYF FA7 Tm old fashvioned, I love the. moon light, I love the old fash- ioned E-75 AT D-7 G9 D-7 G9 —ab7i things. —_______ The sound of rain up pajon the win-dow pane, the G-7 A-7 Bb6 GIB C7nt c7 F6 D-7 G7 C7 starry song that A ~ pil — sings—_____ This years fancies are Fa) D-7_ B-?) 67 AM B-7? CH? ~—D7_E7_—FAS7_—G-7_—C7 pass - ing fan-cies, but sigh-i8g sighs, hold- ing hands, these my heart un-der- stands. Cl rs p71 G7 C7? Fa? D7 G7 C7) C77? Tm old fash - ioned, but I don't mind it, that's how I want to be, as AT D-7___B-75_Bh6 A-? D-7_ G7 C7 F6 Wong at yous mew say ld itboued wath me STARS FELL ON ALABAMA par 008 Cc Bb7 a7 D7. OGt CAT D-7 E-7 Bb We lived our lit- tle dra- ma we_—sikissed «in. afield «of = white, © and I can’t for- get the gla- mour your eyes held =a ten - der — light. My heart beat like a © ham-mer, © my © arms wound a- round you tight, D7 AT D7 G7 [* C AT D7 G7 2 C7 D-7 Ebo7 E-7 B) ot flow Alea = bacma ast nigh night 1 nev-er D7 G7 E7 Ebe7 D7 GZ ce planned in my i-ma-gi - na-tion a sit-u - a-tion so hea-ven - ly, a fair-y D-7 G? EWGt AT A-IG FH-7 BT E47 G7 land where no one else could enter and inthe © center just you and ake MRE (Fre)