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Lesson Plan- Week 3


Mehmet GAZAN

Unit Title
Grade Level
4 grade
2 hours
Learning Outcomes [ASSURE (State Objectives)]
At the end of the lesson, when students are given the necessary materials, all of the students will:
-be able to learn the orthographic descriptions of at least half of the given wild animals names.
-have the ability to differentiate between Herbivorous and Carnivorous wild animals.
-be able to describe how animals look like.

Instructional Materials & Media [ASSURE (Select Strategies, Technology, Media and Materials)]
-Student Course Book
-Student Work Book
-Drawing Papers

Learning-Teaching Methods [ASSURE (Select Strategies, Technology, Media and Materials)]

-Drill and practice
-Grammar-Translation Method
Write the learning-teaching methods which will be used in the lesson (Please add at least one method that we
cover in this course, such as; Presentation, Tutorial, Cooperative Learning, Games, etc. You can also use FLEspecific methods, such as the direct method, Grammar-translation method, Suggestopedia, TPR, etc.). Be
aware though, if I see only FLE-specific methods you will receive ZERO points from this part!!!!
Teaching Activities [ASSURE (Utilize Technology, Media, and Materials and Require Learner Participation)]
Coloring, Connecting the dots, Paper plate masks, Recorded sounds (animals, nature, etc., Filling-in-theBubbles.
Individual Learning Activities
-Connecting the dots
-Paper plate masks
-Recorded sounds
-Filling-in-the Bubbles
Group Learning Activities
First, teacher gives a brief description of the wild animals and encourages the students to get ready for the
lesson. Then students will listen to a recording that contains how wild animals are sounded. With this listening
activity, students will have a general opinion about what wild animals are like. Then, the teacher will give
coloring sheets. Students will color them according to appropriate colours. Afterwards, the teacher will give
connecting dots activity. The teacher will give right answers. As a funny exercise, they will wear their

beforehand-prepared masks. To evaluate the students, the teacher will be given a multiple choice questions.
The content of the lesson will be appealing for these students. For back-up plan,
Measurement & Evaluation
Measurement & Assessment Activities for
Individual Performance
Measurement & Assessment Activities for
Group Performance
Homework (optional)

Multiple choice questions

-Students will come next class after writing given animals'

names and their Turkish equivalents 10 times.
-Doing related exercises from the coursebook.

In multiple choice questions, the teacher evaluates how well the students learn by asking them to answer the
given questions.
Explanation regarding to the implementation of the plan
First, the teacher gives a brief explanation about the content of the lesson to let the students know what they
will learn. Then, teacher does a warm-up activity by asking simple questions to the students about the previous
course to brush-up activity. Then, the teacher will write the names of this courses animals on the board. The
students will try to predict them. And then the teacher will give Turkish equivalents of the words. In this step,
students can ask questions related to pronunciation or any other related subjects. After the students
understand the animals, the will be given two worksheets. One of them is coloring activity. The students will
color them appropriately and in the way that they desire. It will help them to create a mental representation
for animals and it will be enjoyable. After finishing this activity, the teacher will hand out connecting the dots
activity sheets which are both easy to complete and interesting to deal with. The dots on the sheets are
numbered numerically so that the students can success them. Then, to do a different activity, the students are
given masks to wear and speak accordingly. These masks will be enjoyable, colorful and warming. Before the
last activity, the students will listen to the sounds of the animals and be careful about them. Lastly, the
students will do fill-in-the blank activities that are made on the Web 2.0 tools, Popplet. For back-up plan, in the
beginning of the lesson, if the students cannot answer the questions about the previous class, the teacher will
give much more time to explain if the students do not have colourful pencils to color the coloring activities, the
teacher will supply them with colourful pencils. During the recorded sounds, if there is a technical problem with
tape-recorder, the teacher will have necessary technical back-up tools with himself.