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February 10, 2014


Reinhard Proksch never acted for Yanukovych or other leading Ukrainian Politicians
Vaduz/FL and Vienna/A, February 10, 2014 A handful of Ukrainian activists has started a shit-storm
campaign against Reinhard Proksch, a US lawyer and corporate investment manager involved in foreign
inbound investments into Ukraine.
I have never represented Viktor Yanukovych, Mykola Azarov, Andriy or Serhiy Kliuyev or any other
leading Ukrainian politician, confirms Proksch. The whole story is just another Ukrainian shit-storm
story, trying to destabilize Ukraine and the current government.
On December 24th 2013, a handful of Ukrainian activists have launched a story about foreign assets of
Viktor Yanukovych, the Ukrainian President. Reinhard Proksch, a Vaduz and Vienna based corporate
investment manager and US licensed tax lawyer was accused to be the leading person in this set-up.
Reinhard Proksch was to hold assets of Ukrainian politicians via Vienna and London based companies.
All companies mentioned in the shit-storm story exist, but are held and operated for UK/US and UAE
based clients and foreign investors, says Proksch.
Ukraine activists famous for false shit-storm stories against Western investors
ANTAC Anti Corruption Action Center or PEP-Watch are NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations,
which actually covers every company or group not operated by a Government and gives no per-se
credibility). In fact, these "organizations" consist of very few political activists with local ambitions.
Activists Daria Kaleniuk and Halzna Senyk have organized the current shit-storm against Reinhard

Proksch. They have Western supporters and financiers. Switzerland based blogger and trustee Ernst
Raxarov contacted Proksch immediately after the shit-storm offering money if Proksch came to St
Moritz to give an interview against Yanukovych. That I never represented Yanukovych or had any
financial dealings with the Ukrainian political elite did not concern Raxarov at all: Important was only an
interview against Yanukovych & Co, says Proksch.
Western Media copies Ukrainian shit-storm without any own journalistic investigations
The Ukrainian activists have many voluntary and involuntary helpers in the West. Primarily journalists
who copy their stories, and translate them into Western languages, and arrange for publication in
Western Media to make the stories more credible. Kiew based journalist Andreas Stein is one of them.
He runs the website www.ukraine-nachrichten.de. For his friends Kaleniuk and Senyk he has no problem
to copy unchecked stories and to act as a translator. Shortly after the publication of the shit-storm story
against Proksch, these efforts worked out: First Western boulevard and gossip papers also copied the
story. Vienna based OESTERREICH was leading. And Austrian freelance writer Herwig Hoeller made the
German Newspaper DIE ZEIT to jump on the story as well. This made the story official.
The only explanation for this all is that the activists want to destabilize Ukraine, says Proksch. Foreign
investment shall be threatened in order to create a problem for the current Ukrainian Government. This
may work out, but will also destroy the economic future of Ukraine for years. By this, activists like
Kaleniuk and Senyk are ruining their own country.
If you would like more information about this topic, please contact DDr. Reinhard Proksch at +423
2332303 or email at office@proksch.com.

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