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Course Description
Computerized Business Applications is a two
semester course designed to prepare students
with an introduction to business applications
that are necessary to live and work in a
technological society. Emphasis is given to
hardware, concepts, and business sues of
applications. This business applications covered
are word processing, database, spreadsheet,
telecommunications, and presentation.


Mrs. Jana McWhorter

Email: jmcwhorter@beardenschools.org
Webpage: www.protopage.com/jmcwhorter
Conference time: 8:00-8:30

Methods of Instruction
Upon successful completion of this course, the
student will have basic knowledge in:
Hardware and Software (Unit 1)
Word Processing (Unit 2)
Spreadsheet (Unit 3)
Databases (Unit 4)
Presentations (Unit 5)
Integrating of Software (Unit 6)
Telecommunications (Unit 7)

You will be issued a textbook for this course. The

textbook will stay in the room and may not leave
the classroom without teacher approval.
Methods of Instruction will include: lecture,
hands-on, and handouts.

For this class you will need the following items:

Black or blue ink pen OR

Additional Lab Time/Assistance:
I normally stay until 4:00 p.m. on Monday and
Tuesday and I am available on request during
lunch to help. Please make arrangements
with me if you need any extra time for
assistance or additional lab time to complete
assignments. School policy states that
students are allowed the same number of days
absent to make up the missed work. I will not
accept late work for full credit.

You are expected

to follow all
classroom rules,
Student Handbook
rules, and Internet
Agreement Policy

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Computer Business Applications

Attendance is expected at every class session
and, therefore, is an important consideration in
the evaluation of student performance. If it is
necessary for you to miss a class, you must
advise the teacher in advance. Students are
responsible for obtaining all information,
materials and assignments for any missed class.
Many assignments will be completed during the
class period and may only be accepted if the
student is in attendance on that day unless prior
arrangements have been made.

The following grading scale will be used To

calculate divide the points earned by the total
possible points. Daily class work, tests, and
projects will comprise your grade.

90 - 100%

80 - 89%

70 - 79%

60 - 69

0 - 59%

Tardy Policy
If you are tardy to class, it will be marked as a
Warning for that class period. Any graded items
missed prior to your arrival will be counted as a
zero grade.

I look forward to having a wonderful year.

Please feel free to contact me through e-mail
or by phone during my conference time.
Thank you for all that you do.
Hall Pass
You are not allowed to leave the room
the bathroom or get a drink UNLESS
emergency. Make sure you take care
things before you enter the classroom.
the room will result in a Warning for that


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it is an
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