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Dreams Alive:

The Arab/American Alliance

Serving the Lord & His People in the Middle East

Egypts population of 85 million has the Middle
East's largest Christian community (13% of the
population). Discrimination, harassment, and
financial enticements for Christians to convert to
Islam are common. Recent years have seen
much violence against the churches. Over 80
churches were burned last year! Some areas,
such as Upper Egypt, face more intense pressure
than others do. In most cases, vigilante Islamist
groups carry out the attacks that occurand often
with the tacit acceptance of local police forces.
Muslim background believers tend to receive
much of the persecution. The constitution allows
for freedom of conversion, yet in practice, Muslims
converting to Christianity are unable to change
their religion or their name on their identification
cards. Without this change, Christian women
remain designated as Muslims and are unable to
marry Christian men. Children of those designated
Muslim (even if they are, in fact, Christian) are
educated as Muslims and police routinely turn
those with Islamic names away from entering
churches. Since the resignation of President Hosni
Mubarak in February 2011, Egypt has been in
political turmoil. The Muslim Brotherhood was
elected in the nations first-ever-democratic
election. After only 1 year the people rose up
against them. Now a military interim government is
in place until elections in June. The new Cabinet
includes women & two Christians; this at least
holds some hope for a better future for the church.


There are many school teaching jobs available in

Bahrain. The pay is comparable with the USA
and there are no taxes. A housing allowance,
health care, & an annual airfare allowance to the
US is included! This is a great opportunity for
mission minded Believers to join us in our
evangelism and discipleship work. You may join
Sue at Ibn Khuldoon National School
(http://www.ikns.edu.bh) or the Al Rajah School
founded by American Missionaries
(http://www.alrajabahrain.org). We also have a
need for a worship leader at Saar Fellowship (no
salary or benefits) but we can help find
employment. Please pray about joining us!

The Ministry of Dreams Alive

In Egypt
As many of you know, Sue & I served in Egypt from 1982-1987
so its no surprise that this nation is close to our heart. While
we live in another Arab country we visit Egypt often & partner
on various projects led by our Egyptian & American friends.
Our primary focus is the Christian district known as Manshiet
Nasr, commonly called Garbage City as it is home to Cairos
garbage collectors. Our concentration is on health & education
in order to bless the Christians. Our main partner is The
Association for the Protection of the Environment (A.P.E.) an
organization begun by our closest friend Leila Iskandar in 1987.
Pre-School and Nursery:
Almost 250 children aged from 6 months to 6 years are enrolled
in this program. The main aim is to prepare them for Primary
School when they are six. The children are taken off the streets,
which are neither clean nor safe, and taught basic reading,
writing, & arithmetic, in a clean, friendly fun-filled setting. We
try our best to include children of other faiths to show the love
of Christ for all people. We also educate mothers in monthly
meetings to raise awareness about health & womens issues. All
the staff is from the local community, which means offering 19
job opportunities, where there are few chances for employment.
After-School Study Classes:
Since 2004 A.P.E. has helped poor children from the slum that
are attending public school in 1st to 6th grade. This afterschool
program now reserves 300 children. Recently Dreams Alive
purchased a playground & new desks for the entire school.
Adult Literacy Classes for Women:
This caters to young women who have never had a chance at
education. They come for different reasons: to help their
children with schoolwork, to get employment, to be able to
better function in society. We have 5 classes of an average of 15
students per class, teaching reading, writing and mathematics.
The women sit for a certificate equivalent to the primary school



Saar Fellowship needs a worship center.
We almost had one but a local resident
opposed our move to the landlord.
Please pray that the Lord of the Harvest
will provide fellow workers, especially a
worship leader
We miss our kids & grandkids! Please pray
for Gods comfort, especially for Sue. And
lift up our family as they miss us too. This
is the great sacrifice we who serve overseas
must learn to endure.
Successful planning for our 2nd annual
Middle East Church Workers Conference
That our witness opens the way to share
our testimony with many Bahrainis
Adequate funds for our ongoing work in
Jordan & Egypt

Wed love to hear from


Proverbs 25:25 declares, Like cold water to a weary soul, so is

good news from a distant land. Would you consider refreshing us
with a note or email? Its always so good to hear from friends &
family. Our email address is pastor@saarfellowship.com
Our snail-mail is PO Box 75561, Juffair, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Were also hosting our 2nd Middle East Church Workers
Conference October 6-9th either in Jordan or possibly
Bethlehem. Please pray about joining us & seeing some of the
ministry that you share in through prayer & financial support!
Well be in New Jersey in July & are available to speak at your church
Sunday the 13th & Wednesday the 16th. Let me know if youd like to host
us. THANK YOU for partnering with us! May God richly bless you!