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DREAMS ALIVE: The ArabAmerican Alliance

What Would
You Do?
Many, many years ago there was a
wicked, ambitious people living in a
land called Nineveh. Their leaders
dreamed of ruling the world. They
had an army known for its
brutality, demolishing property,
rape & killing anyone that opposed
them. Long before they began their
conquest, God gave them a chance
to repent & become a more civilized
society. He commanded a teacher
named Jonah to go & give them the
message of repentance. Jonah
didnt like the people from Nineveh
so he refused God & took a ship in
the opposite direction. Eventually
God persuaded Jonah to go by
having him swallowed by a big fish!
You can read the story in the Book
of Jonah. Today
the people of
Nineveh are
acting with
brutality once
again. I wonder
if God would
still offer them
a chance to repent? The Bible tells
us that Jesus came to express the
love of God in the Cross of Christ &
offer salvation to all that would
believe. Is God calling you to go like
Jonah? The people of Nineveh need
to hear the Gospel. Most are still
living in the region once known as
Assyria but many live in the USA.
You see them in your shopping
malls, in your schools, & at the
community center. Why not walk
over to them & start a friendly
conversation? It would be a lot
easier than being swallowed by a
big fish! Wont you pray for
Muslims & reach out today?

The Islamic State in Iraq & the Levant (ISIS), is an offshoot of
Al Qaeda in Iraq. They began in 2004 under the leadership of a
Jordanian named Abu Musab al-Zargqawi, who called the group
"The Organization of Jihad's Base in the Country of the 2
Rivers more commonly known as "Al-Qaeda in Iraq." They are
Sunni, like Al Qaeda & targeted Shia militias & the American
military, while being particularly brutal with Christians, Yaziid,
& other minority groups living peacefully in Iraq. Al Zarqawi
was a cold-blooded murderer who personally decapitated an
American construction worker his group kidnapped. Zargqawi
was killed in June 2006, after which his group attracted other,
smaller Islamic groups & began to grow. Their mission has
always been to set up an Islamic State, a totalitarian dictatorship
around the world. When the Americans prevailed against them
in Iraq, ISIS moved to Syria in an attempt to topple Pres. Assad.
The Syrian government has been able to stop most advances by
ISIS within Syria & has focused on fighting other revolutionary
groups. This June, with the Americans gone & the Iraqi
government weakening, ISIS moved south into Iraq once again.
Along the way they brutally murdered anyone that opposed
them. People in their path are being executed, many decapitated,
even children.
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More on the ISLAMIC STATE Continued from page 1

Men & boys that do not convert to Islam are killed while women & girls given to the fighters for sex, or
sold to other men. They especially target Yaziidis & Christians who are given an ultimatum that includes
at least a dozen conditions. Among them were refraining from renovating churches, wearing or displaying
crosses and other religious symbols in public. They must agree to payment of a twice-yearly protection tax,
ranging from about $125 to $500, depending on personal income levels. They are forbidden from reading
scripture indoors loud enough for Muslims outside to hear, and the practice of their faith must be confined
within the walls of their remaining churches (though many were destroyed or turned into Mosques).
Women must adhere to Islamic dress codes. All converts from Islam to Christianity are being tortured
until they convert back to Islam & then some have been beheaded anyway! In my entire life I have never
seen such brutality. This is a pivotal time in history when all freedom loving people, no matter what their
religion, must ban together & defeat these twisted, hate-filled men. May God help us all if we do not.
Maranatha Come Lord Jesus!

++++++++++++HOW CAN WE HELP? ++++++++++++++++

1. PRAY Call your friends & your church & host a prayer & worship service. When the Muslim
Brotherhood took over Egypt, the Christians gathered in the desert & prayed. The 1st time 14,000 came.
The 2nd time more than 70,000! Within 1 year the Brotherhood were sent from the Palace into the prisons!
2. ADVOCATE - Write your Government Representatives & ask them to step up aid.
3. GIVE - All donations to DA from now until December will go directly to the refugees from Iraq & Syria.
I tried to get a visa to go to Iraq but was refused for now. I will keep trying. Meanwhile we will continue
to sponsor work among refugees living in Jordan. Just this week 16 families (67 people) came to our
partner church in Marka Jordan, seeking help. A welcome kit includes cooking facilities, mattresses, food
for 10 days, & more. These cost approximately $100 per family. Please give, pray, & advocate.

Welcome to Fellowship House

After searching nearly every street in northern Bahrain for nearly 2
years, the church has finally found and rented a house in order to
enhance our ministry. By Gods grace, its right across the street
from the British school where we worship! How convenient is that?
The building is used for offices, smaller meetings during the week,
& weve included guest quarters for visitors & missionaries. There
are other language groups that need space to worship, including an
Arabic language group, so well make accommodation for them too!
THANK YOU for Being Part of the Team!!! It goes without saying that your prayers, giving, visits &
sharing our newsletter with other Christians, all go a long way to bless the Arab people, especially the
persecuted Christians. If youd like to give a financial gift please do so by making your check to Dreams
Alive, PO Box 78, West Creek, NJ, 08005. www.thearabamericanalliance.com

Join us in Israel March 1-11, 2015!!! Folks from

Saar Fellowship in Bahrain will be joining Calvary Chapel of the
Finger Lakes, New York. Well be visiting many, many sites
mentioned in the Bible, stopping often to read the Biblical passage &
consider Gods amazing love for us! This once-in-a-lifetime trip is
designed to be Kid Friendly too! For more information please call
Johanna Green of MAYFAIR TRAVEL at (856) 735-0411.